Monday, June 27, 2011

Final part of Ugly Fabric Seat Covers

Well, You can see what greeted me in the sewing room this morning. LOL  I think she is anxious for me to finish with it. She just does not realize that her "throne" will disappear back to where it came from. LOL Although I could hardly believe my ears when DH said , maybe he could find her a seat back in one of our junk cars????

My first task is to make a casing to run a "pull through" on the bottom part , so we can just yank and tie it tight.

Time to add it to the ugly fabric seat - but I have a confession to make. As I stood here studying it - I decided that it just did not look even -so I folded the fabric to make sure it matched . IT DID NOT! I had sewn the black strips on the wrong sides.I had to rip them out and resew them the place they were meant to be at.

But after all of my fumbles - I think they will look nice in DH's truck. O SHOOT! I might as well confess my other Almost Boo-boo! When I made those "Pull cords" I used the black fabric I had cut into strips to make that piping with. I almost fainted when I realized my black strips were GONE- but when DH checked it out - he "thanked me " for not putting that piping around the bottom seat part!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a "guardian angel" always "saving my hide!"  I am truly blessed. LOL


  1. That seat cover looks just like a bought one only better...I knew you could do it.

  2. You did a wonderful job of covering your DH's truck seat covers Linda.