Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ugly Fabric Challange # 6

Making progress - this is the top of the car seat covers -just studying it for fit ?  I am torn between there are a couple of places that I missed up on the piping and went about an 1/8 of an inch too wide - Or - I look at this picture and think -did I really do that????? LOL Yea, I know it is not perfect-but I like it and DH likes it a lot - so that means A LOT to me. Plus, I am still learning! LOL

This is the black strips I had cut for piping , but I decide to use them as a pull cord to fasten the bottom and secure the bottom to the seat.

This will be the bottom sides of the seat and I have run the pull cord through the casing before I will sew it to the "butt" part. Moving right along-but we got a phone call from our neighbor and he has a cabbage head to give us if we come get it.

We did go get it and DH carried it to the car and then into the house. I pulled it out to cook it into the pressure cooker. HA! It was not a cabbage head - but a "space ship"! It was so large that only 1/4 th of it would fit in the pressure cooker!

While it was cooking I ran out side and locked all he chickens up and gathered the eggs . Back in the house and I fixed a sliced tomato that was on my plant on the front porch . I pulled the cabbage out of the pressure cooker and drained it - then used the broth to cook dumplings in.It was really good  and we got our bellies full.

Love to all!

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