Friday, June 3, 2011

Quilted Expressions & Sewing Possessions

This was at the door of the Third sewing shop that we visited. I had never seen a example of a quilt of this kind. I thought it was very interesting and I Loved the way that they put some eye catching pretties that grab your attention from the road. They act just like a magnet to me -pulling me in like a fish to a fisherman.

I am sorry I did not get to post last night. We had company . DH's sister and brother-in - law came over and DH saw something was wrong with their truck so he pulled it into the shop to work on it.Something was leaking from the wheel. He thought he had it fixed -but when we all went out , it started leaking again- just not quiet as bad. He will need to work on it again - but for that day we went to Ruth's house(my wonderful friend who is turning 91.She had new windows installed and had kept the ones taken out to give to Katherine and Eddie for their back porch. They had screened in their back porch (which I drool over) - But - being in West Virginia in the Winter time the snow blows in on their porch -so they are intending to put these windows in and close it in so that will not happen.

They had lost their little chihuahua last week and they are still struggling with that loss. I broke down and cried too.She was such a dear little soul and she is greatly missed by all.


  1. I think it is wonderful you have been visiting so many quilt shops!

  2. I love quilt/fabric shops too... I certainly can't walk past one and not go in.
    SCORE on the windows.... and how sad your friend lost their wee dog.