Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Sharp Turn in the Road of Sewing

O yes, I had very Good Intentions this morning. I even woke up earlier and got a fresh start. Of course I got a little off course because I went out to do chores at 7am and DH came looking for me at 1 am??? I got a little carried away because I walked to the garden to check it out and about had a "heart-attack" because the weeds had invaded my sanctuary ! I pulled and plucked and hoed and anything else I could think to do and I made good results! Out BAD WEED- OUT!

I staggered back to the house and we each had a bowel of cereal. I was too pooped to tackle anything else and  I was grateful to have th e cereal.  As I sat eating I started to cool down and that felt  good and I regained some of my strength.

I did all the dishes and ran the vacuum and headed to the sewing room. I pulled out a piece of black heavy knit that I intend to incorporate into the seat covers. I started by cutting 2 inch strips that I intend to sew to the  upholstery fabric to make it large enough to cut out the from and butt pieces . I was concentrating hard -trying to keep my cutting nice and straight. DH had gone out the road to  bush-hog a neighbor's pasture and I was enjoying the quiet -and then I heard the tractor?  It was really getting hot and I was glad he was home - out of the sun's heat. When he came to the sewing room I asked him if he had ever found that piece of plexie - glass that he had been looking for so he could put the little air conditioner that our neighbor had given me to help cool the sewing room. He went and got it -but this piece was too little  . Then he came back with a window that someone had replaced a broken glass with plexie - glass.

We had every problem I think a couple could have getting that air conditioner in the window. We heaved and hoed and pushed and wiggled and we both ended up on top of my sewing table (so you know that table is strong! ) I lost my strength and I got my leg up in the window to help hold and balance the silly thing -we dropped the screw with the washers on it -just at he was ready to screw it in-we broke two screw heads Off . We got it in and was joyous only to discover we had to take it back out again because I had got a wire in the wrong place, ECT. Anything you could do wrong - I did it. By the time it was in -we were both exhausted. Of course almost at the end DH had to have one of this famous "DOUG -FITS"! But finally it was in and I had a window under it so I could see out! I was joyous because last year he had a piece of ceiling tile on the bottom and it made it so dark and dreary! So now I can look out and watch the humingbirds come to the feeder! Yea!

My back decided that it had Enough! I wanted to cry and I could not get out of my chair -so I gave up and went and got a pain pill! I went and got a cold drink to take it with and have a 15 minute break to let my back ease up - and then it was back to work. I could hardly even get into the sewing room where we had to move just about everything in there to get to stuff and climb up and down -so no sewing -just a lot of cleaning and moving.

But as you can see- I finally got somewhat organized.And you can see I have my "treasures" that were my Christmas presents right where I can see them and enjoy them and think of the Wonderful  gals who have made my life so special.The little bird hanging in the window with her pretty bright red breast is from Sue at Charlotte's Cottage - the little angel to her right hanging on the wall with her red dress is from Maria at Life on the Block - the yellow and pink mug rug is from Mickie at Irish Muses and back to the left is the beautiful BLUE purse that Chris from Diet Coke Rocks  made me. Even the little red card under the window was from Maria and I was so enchanted by a Fabric enhanced card that I keep it for inspiration. I dearly love my treasures and the people who made them. They so generously gave of their time and supples and of themselves that I have to be able to enjoy them and help to guide me on like a lighthouse to a ship in the dark. Thank you all So very much! : )

I was so enthused that I moved to my left and cleaned my sewing machine and serger area. I think I made a lot of progress.

Just as I was feeling good about the nice clean area I moved my chair back in place and happened to spot dear sweet little Miss Little Bear enjoying her new pillow in the center  all of the confusion.My furbabies always seem to remind me to be appreciative of the small things.

Love to all

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  1. Isn't it amazing how we get sidetracked. That is what happens to me when I go outside. Or even start cleaning my house. Your sewing room is great! I love it!