Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ahhhhh ! Yes I am sneaking some sewing in - finally. I am cutting me out a pair of pants from a very simple pattern that I drafted myself. I just wanted it plain and simple! I am beginning to think simple is hard to find these days!lol

BUT - I have been busy working outdoors most of the day and I took time to enjoy it for a change.

I took a few minutes to talk to Yukon and he politely ignored me. But that's ok I still enjoyed the view instead of some highway or some big building or other houses all around us! I am so blessed to have some quiet space for me and my crew. : )

Dear Miss Danny came strolling along. She likes to pretend that I "bother her"! LOL

I sat and watched the chickens have fun eating the grass, catching the bugs and enjoying each other's company!I think chickens in general as a group have such a terrible life to live. Crammed into teeny cages unable to move hardly , standing on wire all day long and never see the soft grass or get to scratch in the dirt and take a dust bath -or stretch out and lay in the sun. Then everything almost will eat a chicken and they are generally not killed kindly-so I will just be selfish and enjoy my little corner of the world. : )

I took time to play with Miss Mocha as she was chewing me out for her breakfast being so late! LOL

 I cleaned the pigeons cage and enjoyed watching them have their breakfast.

Each one may be white , but they are all special to me. : )

Of course after their breakfast they each had to take their morning bath!

As I walked to visit the doves I stumbled upon Miss Midnight taking her dirt bath. You can hardly tell she is a a kitty -much less a15 year old kitty .

I really love the yellow lovebirds - they are real clowns and enjoy talking to each other and saying what a Pain I am bothering them! LOL

The guinea pigs were enjoying their fresh grass and playing in the shade or sun -which ever they preferred. Well , blogger is giving me trouble so I better call it quits for now. But I have truly had a wonderful day and I count my blessings.I hope you have had a wonderful day too!

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  1. It's so nice to visit your pets, I'm down to two ducks and Otto the Wonder Cat now so I get a bit lonely for animals. love your pics.