Sunday, June 12, 2011


This morning while I was working on chores I caught some of the "feather-babies" snoozing in the morning sun, just like they had no worries or responsibilities in the world.

But with the click of the camera all of those little hens pop up.

Little Miss Smartie Pants decided IF she was going to be harassed by a camera invading her privacy -then she was going to check out a different part of the landscape.

I even caught Mr. Snowball dozing in the morning sun.  I think that sun has put everybody to sleep. Nothing like some peace and tranquility. : )

Little Bear was checking to see if everybody was where they were suppose to be.

Chickens are such curious creatures, always keeping an eye on me.So I decide to head toward the house and get another load of laundry out  when I happen to see my favorite rose blooming.

I really love this beautiful rose -it makes my day just to see her blooming. So now I will head to the sewing room  OPPS! DH is just pulling in the driveway from having our oldest son weld a piece off of his bush-hog. So I go ahead and feed us  both. I had a wonderful salad fresh out of the garden and he has eggs and tomatoes. He heads out to work on the equipment and I head to the garden . He had brought home a whole tray of plants that the boy next door had thrown away . They are lettuce that comes to a head. I have never raised any of them and I am thrilled to have them-don't want anything to happen to them - so in the garden they go. Now I can head back to the sewing room. It is quiet a mess -seems like a lifetime since I have made it back in here. I  clean off the cutting table and discover 3 pair of pants that DH had ripped -so I work on them. They seem to go from bad to worse - at one time I felt like I was remaking a pair they had so many holes in them. But now we will see how long this repair lasts???????

I think I got smart with these- that black strip is a piece of fleece that I darned into the rip and you can see it is a Long rip! LOL

As I am digging I run across these two pieces of hand towels that I wanted to experiment with. They are very old and almost wore out , and I cut a piece of leftover fleece to put between them.

I sew around the edges and run a few stitches to hold that fleece in place and now I have a small rug that I can easily wash and I need that type of rug with all of my furbabies. The store bought rugs just do not hold up to a lot of washing , so I wanted to test and see how this would hold up.

Well, it  might not be a monster new creation, but I am pleased . I got DH's pants ready for more abuse and I now have a small rug by my bed that is soft and washable and I like that -so it has been a positive day for me. I did manage to break a needle in my serger when I fixed the rug -but even that is good because the needle needed changing anyway.: )

I am running out of time as dark is getting close and I need to go do my walk. I am good and tired already . I noticed today as I went in and out , in and out -that I felt like a human yo-yo!

This is one of my houseplants that is vacationing outdoors for a while. The leaves on the plant are soft and velvety like an African violet , but it trails out of its pot and then has these tiny beautiful blooms.

So I did get something accomplished today Besides dishes and laundry and food! Yea! Now I am a happy camper.
Love to all!


  1. Pleased you are feeling better and thanks for the walk around your yard.

  2. What a good day you've had! Love the chooks... and dogs look happy it's warm outside.
    The rose is gorgeous.
    Lucky your able to mend his nibs pants!

  3. Love seeing your chooks enjoying the sunshine. I'm missing mine since they became Mr Foxy's dinner.

  4. Oh I loved seeing your chickens and your dogs! I have always wanted a collie. We don't have any animals right now because we are gone way too much. I worked in my sewing room too-- not sewing though-- cleaning!!!!