Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ugly Fabric Challenge #5

Guess who was the "twit" that did not keep an eye on that bobbin thread?????? Yep - that would be ME-so I had to go back and re -pin the hole right side of my top on the seat cover?

OK, bobbin thread refilled and ready to romp. Next I re-pin the entire one side that the bobbin ran out on. That was when I remembered that when I did the first one a day before that Pins were a gals best friend.

After I got everything pinned and baste stitched I approved of how everything went together so I decided to serge all around it to make it have a cleaner appearance . That Might have been a  mistake because the serger got very upset with me because of the "bulk" of fabric. For some reason After the fabric went through the knife it raised itself up and the finger was poking holes through it and then creating big knots of thread-definitely NOT my best appearance! Phooey!

So, I went "gently" back over it and smoothed it out to look more presentable-not that anybody will ever see it after it is on the seat.

My next move was to now pin the back section to the sides and for that I used LOTS of pins. But then I had to depart to finish up evening chores while it was still light enough to see.

After I got in I decided to take a break and have a nice cold chocolate soy-milk. This carton I am drinking is called Silk and it is the best I have ever tasted. YUMMY! While I sat down to enjoy it , I made the mistake of flipping the tv on and they advertised that NCIS was having a brand spanking new story and "OF COURSE" I was hooked. That is one program that I really love-probably because they all work as a family and the characters eventually make me feel like they are my family and IF only I could accomplish "worldly good" like they do. Anyway - it lets my adventurous side go wild for that hour.

I thought an hour because they continued the story on to the second part -yea, yea  - you know how it is  and since DH went fishing with a friend I actually got to hear all the parts of the story. Chuckle, chuckle! : )

I did try to download my second picture but after 30 minutes and it still had not showed itself  I decided to call it quits.

So, I have had a very lovely day that I enjoyed very much and I am hoping to continue it tomorrow as I would love to finish another top part of the seat covers!Maybe I will have wonderful dreams tonight that will inspire me with creativity  to be able to pull it off .

Love to All!

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