Friday, June 10, 2011

Dreams of What May Come ????

This was another corner of The Quilted Expressions and Sewing Possessions.This contained Christmas fabrics and Christmas Projects. That  Christmas tree skirt caught my eye. It has been rambling around in my brain chip that is one thing that I would like to make-but just have not figured it out yet.

Today was another "run" day. After chores and breakfast and laundry we had to go to town to get our medicines for the month. They did not fill one of my DH's because it did not have a refill on it. So I asked the druggist to contact his doctor and see about it. We even did our other runs in town just to give the doctor a chance to reply. I was hoping they would get to it because it is one of his cancer drugs-but when we arrived the doctor's office had not responded. DH was upset.

By the time we got home and I hoped that was it- of course not - the pet store had called and wanted some critters. It took a while to gather them up and make a return trip to town and DH went to Lowes Building Supply for some parts where he is working on pumping water from our creek up to our garden-hoping to help our garden survive with all this heat. They are calling for a thunder storm tonight after midnight and then tomorrow afternoon. There is a strange energy in the air from all of these strange weather fronts  and the heat. All around us was dark looking and the mountains all around us were covered in a deep mist.

We got home as it was starting to get dark and I went up to lock up the chickens . I had not had time to get my walk in - so I had a wild hair - and took off up the hill. It was getting difficult to see and I had not grabbed a flashlight so walking was a little difficult. All the furbabies kept me good company. I almost stumbled over a rotten tree limb coming back down and it reminded me how very easy it is to get hurt. But, it turned out fine and I gathered up some fresh greens for the guinea pigs and ran my hands under two of the chickens and got some fresh eggs for tomorrow.

I was making a path through the bird house when I banged my shin . O Man- Pain! Pain! I am such a wimp. That did it - I got my eggs that I almost dropped and hobbled to the house. It was good and dark as I circled the car to gather up my pocket book and the mail as I went to the back door. I was SO beat . My beautiful day was over and I was so tired I could barely move. I plopped down in the chair for a minute to cool down and decided that I better do my blog before my eyeballs hit the dust. : )
If only days did not have to go so fast. Tomorrow DH is planning to go mow for our kids and I have told him that if he does -he needs to do it in the morning because they are calling for thunder storms tomorrow afternoon and I am REALLY HOPING that I can pull off some sewing.

I hope that you have better luck  with your plans for your day and that really happens. I am beginning to wonder what the "magic spell" is ??? My poor cutting table is slowly getting buried under "hope to be's" !
Well, that's my story and I am sticking to it!
Love to all! : 0

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  1. You better be careful going out there in the dark. My days fly by too! I sure hope we get some rain. It is so dry here. I water every night but that is not like a good rain.