Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ugly Fabric #3

I Wish I was More Talented -OR - I wish I was not so Dense! This is the laid out pattern piece for the butt and as you can see my fabric on the bottom ready to be cut is not quiet wide enough , even with the black strips sewn on each side.!! Why O Why did my brain NOT realize that when I was cutting the strips ????

And the tall front that your back rests against is even larger????? OK, don't panic Linda - this is just another chance to modify it and make it your own creation. When you think about it -there are Lots of ways to complete this project as long as my "stir-crazy " self does not interfere.Just a "learning" experience.

So, I sit and consider some alternatives. I re-lay the fabric back out and decide that the black knit is a little too scrunched up and if I get it to lay flat it will Almost fit. Then I pull out my paper pattern and realize that I did add on each pattern piece - Just in case I did something "wacky" - since I know myself so good! LOL

 I happened to remember that I promised a friend that I would send her a picture of my Bright Lights Chard, so I took off to the front porch to snap a picture of it. I still think it is so pretty that you could easily put it in your flower bed.I wanted to try it for a few years now and when I accidentally ran across this one day - I latched onto it like it was pure gold. Now I am having so much fun with it.

Having it on the porch makes it very easy for me to slip out and snip off all the leaves big enough to test. Since I have never had any before -every time I want to fix some I jump on the Internet and try a different recipe.

 Now that I have finished all of the pieces of the puzzle this is all of the black fabric that I have left. So, I get a wild idea ??

I cut inch strips of all the left over scraps and sew it end to end -hoping to make some piping , but now that I have it all sewed together I cannot find that pack of cord that I had left over from the lounge pants project? GRRRR! I know I still have it somewhere because I cheated when I went to get some kind of cord and we stopped at a Dollar Store and I spied  a pack of cord to use as clothes line. LOL But now it is hiding from me. I checked to see if yarn would work -but no it just squashes flat. I need that cord because it is the right size.

Well, I have looked through everything in the sewing room and still have not found it. I never did like hide and seek , so I am going to call it quits for the night. My beautiful day has flown away once again.

But, when I went up to lock the chickens up I locked all the dogs in the house! NO more skunk baths tonight

Good night to all!

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  1. Keep up your Ugly Fabric project. Black piping will look great. My Ugly one is on my blog now!