Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where Did Our Summer Go??

Where Did Our Lovely Summer Go??? I think Mother Nature has played a trick on us. At first it made me Very blue! I went outdoors and did chores and even got a little warm , but when I came in the house I took a chill and that was my downfall. But I had to have a talk with myself. I have always told everybody that we Always have a cold spell in JUNE! Nobody believes me and it looks like this year I did not believe myself. Probably those Very Hot days in the 90's is what throwed me off????

The reason I can remember it is always a cold snap is because when I was a little girl and we would get out of school in June - Mama worked night shift - so she had to sleep during the day and I remember thinking I was going to freeze to death and I wished Mama would fix a fire to warm we up?????

So, DH had to take his motor puller over to the grandkids because one of them has to pull his motor to put a clutch in his car. I trotted in the house and to the sewing room and all of a sudden I lost all of my "mo-joe"?
I guess I had to have a talk with myself and I went back to that bag of old clothes and found one more skirt. It is black with buttons down the front and pockets - I wish it would have fit me , but it is a 14 compared to my 18 and the sun bleached part too! I take the band off and take out the darts and study those pockets. ( They are REALLY NICE  pockets to????

I decide that I will sew the pockets closed and cut off the rest of the pocket so I can have a flat piece of fabric for another pillow.

I once again lay my dirty doggie pillow case down on top of the fabric to cut out the pieces.

I serge around the three sides leaving  the fourth side open to stuff with the cedar shavings.

Here it is all stuffed and "cuffed" and ready now to lay in the sunshine until tomorrow.

Now I can carry the first two in and make for sure that the pillowcases fit the new pillows. I hope they do, but if they should not then I will head to that bag of old clothes.

I better hop to it and fix our supper . I already have the rice in the pot and the fish is marinating in the lemon juice and I am fixing something we have never had before - Radish Greens stir fried. I ran across this recipe two years ago and have never had any to experiment with. This year we have no radishes "again" - but we do have a whole row of their greens , so I want to see if all is not lost?????

This is the link and they also fix roasted radishes - something else I have never eaten.

We have Always just eaten them fresh either with a biscuit or in salads???
Time to learn something new. :)
Love to all!

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