Saturday, June 18, 2011


It was Such a lovely morning . I had gone to bed early and thus ,got to get up early and just enjoy the moment as I did the morning chores -all before DH got out of bed.We had our breakfast and I  cleaned it all up and headed to the sewing room.

How wonderful is that! I took the pants that I had ripped apart and laid a pillowcase on top as a guide line to cut out the doggie pillow.

 I serged the three edges and then poured in the cedar shavings-then zig-zaged the bottom together as I completed 2 loads of laundry.

As I was sliding a "doggie pillowcase" on I noticed the weather bug was flashing a warning so I took off out to grab the clothes off of the clothes line.

I just made it back in the house when I saw it coming. All of that gray looking stuff is rain coming around the bend .

It was very fierce a few times . I had a rod suspended with an old comforter throwed over it to  keep the sun off of the porch and off of my sewing room window. But the wind was so strong that it  snapped the  tie that I had holding  it up and the whole thing took off like a kite with me as the "tail"!  LOL I managed to wrestle it back on the swing and not kill all of my plants in the process.

After my "wrestling " match I  headed back in the sewing room to decide on my next project and was downloading some pictures when all of a sudden the electricity went "by-by"!  Now I was really miffed.  So, I went to put away all of the laundry and make the bed back up. Went out and locked the chickens up and pulled greens for the guinea pigs and headed to the house. I thought how nice this will be just to go to bed early . I went and hunted the candles and flash light so I would know where they were  and just as I pulled out the very first match - Surprise -- the electricity is back on! Well Pooooo!  DW bounds up from bed and leaps for joy as he flips the tv wide open! So much for early sleep.  O well, at least I get to finish my blog post that I had only just started. The best laid plans?????????


  1. Lucky you got the wahing inon time and recused the quilt too.
    Great photos of the rain .

  2. bRRRrrr it's raining here today and freezing too. At least it's warmer where you are now?