Saturday, June 11, 2011

The End of the WEEk

This is the last picture of our shop ralley and it was sooo much fun and so many wonderful memories. I hope everybody had as good a time as I did. All the beautiful projects and so many talented ladies who created them. This was the work station where people came for classes and all kind of projects. Made me think of when I was young and took a ceramics class. We would all meet at our teacher's house and after we learned the basics then we would pick out any project that we wanted and we had her there to keep an eye on us -plus we had free rein and she supplied the paints and she fired the pieces so she made money that way.I had a wonderful time doing that too. Isn't it amazing how one person can change your entire life.

Today certainly did not go according to my plans. DH did not go to our son's house and he worked on his project of getting water to our gardens. I was all over the place , from regular critter chores in the am and after I completed them I took walk #1 . I always come back drenched in sweat and I come through the house and pick up rugs to shake while I am nice and cruddy. Then I head straight to the shower-boy does that feel good.

Next I moved onto fixing our meal and had DH drooling over his favorite part -that would be the homemade biscuits while he fixes HIS gravy . As we munched on our meal we watched the news and weather.

Next DH heads outdoors  to his tractor and he is off to conquer his corner of the world while I tackle the laundry. It takes more time to take them outdoors to hang on the line, but it is such a beautiful day for it. Then I move onto the garden and tackle the weeds. IF I could only have a nickel for every weed I pull -wouldn't that be Nice! LOL

I carry two buckets of weeds to the guinea pigs and let them have a go at them. Then I go back down and pick me the fixings of a salad. It takes longer than just going to the store and opening that plastic bag-but at least I know How  these greens have been treated. I am almost out of spinach - I am REALLY going to miss that treat. I raided the tiny lettuce and DH came by and checked it out. He wondered why it looks like it is dieing -yet is only about 3 inches tall at the most? I don't know -but I appreciate each small piece. It might have something to do with our walnut trees ???? There are so many things that you cannot grow under or near a walnut tree and I can't remember about lettuce? As I am still plucking the thunder starts to roll and a gentle rain starts to splatter down on my back. But it is warm and even feels good.

Another broccoli  head is ready so I add it to my bucket. As I pluck  the small pieces of food I also  am plucking the weeds ever so carefully so as not to disturb the lettuce. As I come out of the garden I search for some young dandelion and some lamb's quarter to add to my bucket.  I step across the driveway and check for strawberries. Now that I know that I can pick them half ripe and add them to the salad I am happy that they do not get a chance to rot on me. I think I end up with about 15 small ones and that will be good tomorrow .

It is really hot today and it does not take the laundry long at all to dry so I am in and out of the house gathering that off the line just in case another storm should decide to come for a visit. As I pass by one of the flower beds I notice some weeds and attack them all over the bed. I am beginning to think that I am becoming a "One Woman Wonder Woman against weeds"! Of course as I pluck weeds I notice how dry everything is so I head to the house and remember I have not set up DH's coffee for tomorrow so I head to the coffee pot and clean out the grounds and put them in my little water pot . I kill two birds with one stone as his coffee is now set up for him anytime that he wants it and I now have liquid fertilizer  to water my flowers.  In and out , in and out - I feel like I am on a roller coaster.

I sit down to catch my breath in our little swing and the dogs come to visit with me. We have a great ten minute break and I head into the kitchen to fix our next meal. All I want is a big bowl of macaroni salad and I have forgotten what DH ate????? By the time I finish the dishes I realize that I am POOPED!  Sweat dripping down my eyeballs reminds me. SO I get a cold washcloth and make my face happier . I head to the couch and get under the fan to cool off for a few minutes. I had to laugh as one of the pups comes to check on me and then when I wake up an hour later Miss Rosie the sewing kitty is perched on my hip, sleeping too. LOL  I can't believe I fell asleep- I think I must have let my blood sugar get a little out of whack and that was why I zonked out. I feel like I got ran over by a truck-but I head out doors and let the little second chicken house come out to play. They always get in trouble IF I let them out first thing in the morning like I do the first little chicken house. The second chicken house inhibitors  are so good , they head to the woods and check out all the bugs and worms they can find . But the first group will head straight for my flowers if I let them out early . Yet , if I let them out late in the evening they know time is going by and they will behave themselves while "grazing " on the tender young grass and take their dirt bath in respectable places meant for them. LOL

By now it is time for my walk and I head up the hill determined to accomplish this task I have decided on.  Yes, it is hard to force myself up that hilll , but I try to keep my mind busy on the goal of my health. Not even the deer are anywhere to be seen today and the squirrels must be smart and be napping in the heat. Little Bear the sheltie is keeping me company . I have almost made it back to the gate when I hear the strangest sound . I turn around trying to figure it out -thinking that maybe the rain is coming back or the wind is sneaking up on me again - but no- it is the Mama deer and she is running so fast behind me -past me and into the woods in front of me  that I can hardly make her out. She is like a blur.

I drop off more greens for the guinea pigs as I pass by and gather up the eggs and lock everybody up for the night. It is starting to cool off for the evening and that feels good. Back in the house for supper I discover that the strawberries that I thought I had lost - I found them in the very bottom of the fridge. ?????? DH had purchased a chicken breast while we were in town the other evening and I had saved the bones. So I dug them out and put them in water to boil while I am fixing my strawberries. Yum - this is going to be a treat. I strain out eh bones from the chicken water and fix drop dumplings for DH.

As you can see , by the time I clean  up the dishes -it is almost midnight and I am pooped again. I think it is very rude of these days to just fly by and leave me.But, as like last night - DH plans to go to our sons houses tomorrow - so I have high hopes that he will make it and I can make a path through the sewing room with dreams of sewing!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
We will SEE!
Love to all!

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  1. Hells Bells you have written a book!
    I will come back later to read it all... just wanted to say I laughed at your comment about Amanda nicking me shoes if she liked them! It's so true!!!
    I left a reply to your comment on my blog too.