Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meeting Mr. Snake

This is another of one of the quilts hanging at the front door to welcome us in. It is always nice to be welcomed. : )

Today has been another very warm day - but I have enjoyed it. My only fault of it - is that it is too Short! I tackled some weeds in the garden and when I did I met a ground bee face to face and he was not Happy that I was in his space. He attacked me on my hand , but he only got me on my index finger - so it is rather sore! I thought that was VERY MEAN of him. So I gave up on that space and moved to another one with my bucket that I was putting the weeds in and then I share them with the guinea pigs-so weeds into feed into fertilizer.I think that is very nice composting !

As I was tromping in and out of the bird house I heard a strange scrapping noise and as I turned my  head I spotted the tail of a blacksnake. It really scared me catching me off guard like that.  I am  trying to over come my fear of snakes and viewed him as a good predator of the wild mice that have taken over the bird room because of all the loose seeds that the birds toss around. If DH does not see him he will be a very large snake by the fall. I don' t like them then because they like to bite  when they get large like that. So, we will just see how things play out?????

I worked out doors all day and then I harvested the fixings for me a salad. I am almost out of the spinach ! I hate that . I have only been eating on it for the last week-so it is not going to waste . We have some lettuce coming on to take its place. I cut some of the small pieces that were only about 3 inches tall and included them in my salad.A friend has given me a small container of raw almonds and I have been putting them in my salad along with the few strawberries that I have picked. Not enough of them to have a bowl to eat- but just enough to add to the salad and that way I get to eat them without any sugar at all. Even the half ripe ones are good in the salad so that way they do not go to waste as they do not even have a chance to go bad.

The day has just gone by much too fast. I am pondering about my next project ????

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  1. I am so very thankful we do not get snakes here in New Zealand! I would never go outside if we did!
    I love adding spinach to a salad too... yummy.
    I have taken to calling you 'Webby' on my blog! lol
    Go see....