Monday, June 6, 2011

Another pair?

I do not know what it was but this quilt had magic for me. One thing was the little circles held beautiful sayings that spoke to my heart. But I was fascinated with the seams sewed on the right side and they were SO soft. between the softness and the uniqueness and it just calling my  amazement - I really loved it.

How about you guys - do you ever have a creation just call to you in enticing whispers?

Today was another nice day with pleasant temperatures - so that was much appreciated. I got an early start and it was like a roller coaster ride the rest of the day -plus it was on high speed the majority of the day. I do not think it is fair for them to scoot by so fast. Talk about "in the blink of an eye" - well that is so true.

It went by so fast I can barely remember what all we did. I know we went to town and then to the feed mill, where I picked up critter feeds and also biscuit mix -which my DH Loves. I keep trying to convenience him that biscuits are not so good for him-BUT- ?????

We stopped at the grocery store and my heart did a double take at how the prices seem to have doubled-yet they say the cost of living has not increased?/? Sometimes I wonder who they are trying to fool????? I am so glad that we have the garden -maybe we will be able to harvest something from it this year. Last year we lost all of our tomatoes due to a blight. We were not the only ones and that included big businesses and that only helped raise the prices on tomatoes and  their products.

The only sewing I accomplished today was repairing DH another pair of pants that he busted and I have another pair laying here beside me. I am beginning to wonder if he has swords for butt bones!

I hope that each of you has had a enticing day!
Love to All

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  1. That is certainly a lovely quilt. I believe that type of quilt is called a rag quilt. Be prepared to clean out your dryer vent as there is lots of lint after you wash it. (Which I think you have to do to get that effect.) I have never made one, but do have a pattern and hope to try it one day. I think they are not hard at all. Enjoy your day. :)