Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ugly Fabric #2 Went Astray????

AWWWHHH! I Had the Best intentions! Has that happened to you OFTEN?????? After I had finished all the chores and thought I had everything finished , I headed to the sewing room. As I looked at the serger I realized that I would have to change the color of my thread. Most of the time that is NOT one of my favorite jobs-because "in the world of Linda" - anything can go wrong and generally does??????

I started looking for my black serger thread and all of a sudden it hit me that I should re-arrange the threads . They were just scattered all over my wall -so I did some climbing and moving around the metal holders and tried to arrange all of each color in a vertical row where I could reach them.and the ones that I knew I would not be using for a long time I slipped those small baggies over them to help keep dust off. (Really - dust accumulates in our house like you could grow veggies on top of  my threads that are not covered. )

I was feeling lucky now that I was 'getting my act together"! I cut the needle thread because it just works better for me to thread that last. Then I cut the other two threads and folded them over the top of the machine as I removed the white and reseated the black. I carefully tied the knots of the old thread still on the machine and the new black waiting to do business. For some reason I gently moved the handwheel to "feel" for that spot where the threads will flow easily through and all of a sudden I felt it - I mean I REALLY FELT it this time. It was like catching a fish - I felt it strike and I knew I had this one chance so I pulled as fast as I can (DH would say I was "Horsing It") I really was ! LOL So all of a sudden it was over and accomplished and I was still wanting to jump for joy.  YEA!!!!!!!!!! Now you know it is a good sign wihen your machinery decides to work with you!

I took those strips I had cut yesterday and laid right sides facing each other and sewed them together. In my eyes this will give me the piece of fabric big enough to cut out my pieces and it will also kinda "accent" the busy fabric.

I actually got one panel cut and sewed -UNTIL- yep - you are familiar with that word-aren't you!DH showed up needing help. I knew time was getting short because it was my day for counseling and sure as shooting -that help lasted right up till the moment we were suppose to leave. But we scurried about and made it out the door and I arrived right on time.

We arrived home and I changed clothes to do chores. My INTENTIONS were to do the chores, take my walk and then drag SOMETHING down to the garden to see if I could block the one deer that has discovered it???

WELLLLLLL - I did complete the chores and I did complete my walk -BUT- at the end of my walk I saw several of my furbabies ( HUMP! Little trouble-makers tonight)  tearing across the meadow chasing something and barking at the top of their little lungs! I thought it was our cat playing with them first because I saw a lot of white as it went under the fence and then I saw Bandit snapping at its rear end and all of a sudden I KNEW I WAS DOOMED!    Yep - The beautiful skunk was back and had just come from the hen house and Yep - this time its aim was soooo much better!!!!! I have definitely been blessed in my life-time with animals because I have NEVER had this lovely - BREATH-Taking experience!!!!!!!!!!! The next thing I knew Bandit was rolling on the grass trying to remove that horrendously order that had engulfed him. IF I had not realized how serious this was going to be ???? But shoot I did have a few chuckles before it hit me that I should get to the house FIRST and close the doggie door till I could get my head together.

That part was accomplished and for the next hour I spent outdoors with the water hose spraying the offenders down because the information said to remove the oil with cold water and neither they nor I thought that was much fun at all. The little one I managed to do good, but Snowball -the pekingese was not so lucky.If only he would have listened to me as I begged him to come back?????

At the moment I am sitting at the computer with my wet pants still on and he is sitting outdoors on the porch in misery as I try to figure out if my fingers REALLY smell like a skunk from all that scrubbing -OR - is my nose just so full of it that I cannot tell the difference?????

So, I am hoping that you have NOT had this kind of a day !
Love - Me! LOL

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