Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hummmmm???? Just pondering???

This is another one of the projects that the quilting shop had displayed on its front entrance.  It never ceases to amaze me at the talent floating around in this big beautiful world.  I over heard two gals talking about the projects and one told the other that she only wished that she could have an original idea of her own.

Then another aspect of the sewing world was all of the complicated laws ??? It almost made me quit sewing for fear of doing something wrong and getting in trouble with the law. For instance there are laws about copy right on embroidery designs ( some will not allow you to use their designs to embroidery on items that you might offer for sale) and there are laws about a lot of fabrics. It states on the bolt that you can only use the fabric to make items for your own personal use -but NOT to offer for sale unless you contact the manufacturer and pay an additional fee depending on how many you want to sell????? If you were part lawyer it might soothe your apprehension about doing things wrong and doing things right. O - and let's not forget if you see an item -for instance on E-bay and you decide you would like to try that - but if you copy that first one you saw - you could be prosecuted ????? So, I kinda live between a hope and a prayer that I do things right.

It was a pleasantly hot day today and we are looking at a week with highs in the 90's-that is a little too hot for me . I had a nice day and because it was nice it was over much too quickly.

I was answering e-mails when one of the embroidery sites was having a good sale and I was picking out designs and putting them in my basket to sort through when I was finished -but the computer got mad and froze up on me and I Lost all of an hours work!!!!! I was so miffed I wanted to "bop " it !  There just is not enough hours in the day for me - much less to lose one really tied my horns in a knot!

I was pondering my question about how to find an apron pattern that did not have ties to go around your neck because it makes my fibromyalgia scream in pain - and dear sweet Chris, from Diet Coke Rocks sent me a note about Victorian Aprons and they were exactly what I needed..Now to find a pattern or figure out how to make one???????? At least I am on the right trail now, thanks to Chris. I looked on E-bay , but could not find one. They had an apron already made for 69.99 and I do not have that much change in my pocket???? So if anybody has any information on one please let me know. : )

Love to all!

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  1. Try to google "Free Apron Patterns" Linda.