Friday, June 24, 2011

Ugly Fabric # 4

Hey I am again - wondering how my day got away too quickly. I guess you blame it on dirty dishes and chores and trip to town and the feed store. That took up all of my morning and it was 6pm before we returned home. But then I saw an avenue to steal two hours for my project. It has been very interesting. Even though I continue to make boo-boos and learn lessons I think I am doing fairly good with this project.

Well, one mistake I learned was : I did not have enough black knit to do the whole project so that put me diving back into my stash to see what else I could use and that was when I ran across this black slick  lightweight vinyl that I had used on totes one time. One thing that I REALLY like about this is that it really lets the cover slip EASILY onto the seat top!

This is the knit that I used on the sides of the cover and I like it because it gives stretch if you need it , not so much that it is out of control - but Just the right amount.

This is the front view and that suits me just fine. So this part of the project made me very happy. Hopefully tomorrow I can either do the other top - or work on the two bottoms. Maybe I should shoot for the top , since it will still be Somewhat fresh in my ming - (or so I Hope)!

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  1. Wow Linda, that vinyl for the back is great. Those covers are looking so professional.