Tuesday, June 28, 2011


If you wonder why the day starts with a turkey - it is because it shows that we can all get upset somewhere along the day. Miss Danny was politely enjoying an afternoon sunbath until I tried to sneak out and catch a picture of her all spread out like she was dead. But, as I tied to sneak up - all of the pups tried to catch up with me and see what was going on-needless to say Danny jerked her head upright to see what all the commotion was about?

That was a little the way I felt today and I know it will not get any better until I share it with my blog -family.I got up early to do all the chores before I went to my appointment to be recertified for the clinic. That part went well - except for the part that since I did not get all the sleep that my fibromyalgia requires to operate. I kept falling asleep in the car and even in the chairs in the waiting room. But, I made it through - even though I wondered if the people throught I was drunk????

Back home and my stomach started to hurt. I was worried about a hospital bill that I  had just received that I was under the belief that since the clinic had referred me -they would take care of it????? So, I called the people that I was in debt with and talked to them. I told her that I had just talked to a representative from the clinic and she had told me to call them and explain that I was a  patient of them and they might fix it???? It sounded not so hard -except for the part about  I Hate talking on phones -long dull story - but it happened and I try to live with it.

OK, I got my courage up and called the clinic and told them I had called and talked to the people and they said all I had to do was give them the fax number and they could just say I was their patient and everything would be fine????? Well, it turned out NOT  to be Fine -this lady went off on me  about she was NOT going to do that -NO! I told her I did not understand - and she took off again-none of it making any sense to me??? I was just there - I had been a patient for a year and this would be  my second year-was that a lie or something??????  I was so upset at her for hollering at me like I was a thief or something that I hung up on her . I have Never done anything like that before in my life.

So, for the rest of my day -it was ruined for me. My stomach is a mess - you know how it gets when you are upset???? Diarrhea -cramps that double me over- belching beyond belief and I could not sew. My heart would not co-operate at all and what little sense I have just went out the window. It upset me so bad that I felt like I had been lied to . SO , now I have another bill that I cannot pay that I would not have had the test IF I had known I would have to pay -how crazy is that .

So, I can appreciate how Miss Danny the turkey felt being disturbed from her lovely sunbath! Tomorrow is my counseling day and maybe she can help me sort it all out and come back to earth where I can see once again. I even have my project picked out -for a change. I was proud that it did not take me a month to change my gears for a change-from one project to another.

Please forgive me for sharing with you - but that was the only way that I knew to handle it. Just sharing with a friend helps .So, thank you for your "ear"! May you be blessed with sunhine for your kindness and may new projects spring from your creative place!
love to all!

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