Friday, July 1, 2011

Well Pooh!

Remember my last famous hope- hope to sew today???? Yep- you know how that is. Maybe it is smarter not to make plans , but just hope that you get to fall into something ?????

I even started off the morning great-got all the chores finished and did not even have to go to town to the pet store. Yea!

But then DH wanted to go somewhere and that somewhere ended up being an entire day going and coming just to look at a little mud hole that someone called a river.We stopped at the public "boat launch" - hahahah - if you could call it that because there was a little dirt path that fellows were dragging their little canoes up and down the bank to a muddy little stream you could see the bottom of???? I was a very good girl and did not utter one little word, while my body was screaming inside to please take me home.

But I could not bear to discourage DH- I love him dearly and he has always taken me any place that I wanted to go to. Plus, with him having cancer it scares me to death not to know how long I will have him. Sometimes we gals just have to "buck up" and behave ourselves. : )

I did not even get the chance to take a picture - I even took my camera! I can say it was very hot - it was 100degrees that last stop we made. I am so glad to be  home -it is 71 degrees -what a break. I was actually shocked this morning when I got up and it was 58degrees???? It had me wondering where Summer was. At least it slowed the mosquitoes down! LOL

Well, I'll say it once again - I HOPE I can sew tomorrow! At least I do have it cut out. LOL

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