Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new chapter of our week is starting

I wanted to work on a tee shirt for one of the granddaughters , so I spent a while searching for a design that I thought she might like. I was thinking that the "hunting " was the hard part-BUT- when I first got every thing ready - I discovered that the embroidering is going to be the BAD part today. I had  just put the needle to fabric when it started off right out the beginning with the white bobbin thread coming to the top of the fabric. BOO-HOO-BOO - HOO I just want to cry ! ghleuejaj eoiua A few choice opinions for what I think about "fighting" another design. So, I guess the War is on and not the pleasure that I was hoping for.

I first changed out the bobbin thread to the better quality Sulky bobbin thread and I just had enough FAITH that would fix the problem right off the bat. hummmmm - WRONG!

I next changed the embroidery thread -hummm  -WRONG - now it is only the white thread showing! GRRRR

My next test is to work with the tension -I had researched online and many people offered this for a solution.Ok, I tested each tension setting that it had on it - and it made NO difference in the white showing?So, that is s dud.. No wonder I hear so many people quit embroidering -so many problems.

I did some more searching for help online and ran across the debate whether to use the same thread in your bobbin as you are sewing with-OR- that some people had discovered that there is a screw on your bobbin case that the factory tells you not to bother - but desperate people do desperate things , so I took out my screwdriver and checked to see IF there was a adjustment there. Sure enough there was and as I took it apart to check this out - I ran across a pile of dirt there , so I cleaned that out and put it back together - hoping that the accumulation of dirt there will fix my problem?I did not think that much dirt should be the problem as I had it to the dealer a few months ago??? I will check this out?
NOPE - that did not fix the problem-that white thread is really "smiling " at me.

OK- I GIVE UP for the moment and put green thread in the bobbin! Shoot- I really hate to do that because :1. It does not fix the problem -just covers it up and 2. because my entire project is not Green. I will hope that using the camo bobbin thread that it will somehow tell the machine to "get with the program" and it will accidentally fix the problem?

At first it did not even cover the green up-that white just wants to "haunt" me -shoot , why not - this day is Halloween and I got tricked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Would you believe that after completeing this very small part - the machine is  now telling me the bobbin thread has run out????????????????????????????? :(

Have you ever had "Just One of Those Days??" I take the bobbin to wind fresh green thread on and as it is whirling right along - I was attacked from the Side -as the thread jumped out of the trail it is suppose to follow and and winds around the post that holds the bobbin -as I scream and do a boogie - woogie dance!
I cannot even "Cheat" on the machine and get away with it! :(

All of a sudden the machine gives a big yank! and it says it has run out of bobbin thread AGAIN. AS I attempt to take the bobbin out and it has just a little bit of thread on there - that yank had also affected the bobbin thread and it is on there so tight that I almost have to take something and cut it off????

I think I am doing good but - this time the thread breaks. After I get it re-threaded I manually put down about few rows of stitches and then turn it loose on its own?

While I am waging this battle - I happen to catch a glimpse of Miss Rosie -

She is beside me on a tote -on her favorite rug- so much so that she is falling asleep with her little paws drawn up. I need to take a lesson from her - CHILL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Would you believe that as I changed colors I cut the thread that I had just threaded????? After it finishes with that color - would you care to guess what the next color is????? White -of course ! I guess I will see if the green bobbin thread shows?Would you believe that only white shows - I guess the machine gave up the battle of the bobbin threads? Whoopeee ! The white sewed out perfect!

O Pooooh ! The bobbin is out again - and you know what that means-Wonder IF I should risk putting in a white bobbin? Well, right or wrong - I did and it worked perfect this go round. Yea! After a 4 hour battle I have completed my goal-without throwing me or the machine out the window-we both have lived to "fight another round"!

It really turned out much prettier than I had thought it would-especially after the battle we had to wage to pull it off???????

This pattern is a McCall's 3655 and my main gripe is that it does not have a neck band -you are suppose to just fold the fabric over and sew it down. This is the second time I have used it -hoping to iron out the wrinkles -but I still do not like it???Next time I will just cut out a neckband for it and see if that makes the difference to me????

Day is done and so am I- hoping everyone has had a lovely day and a better tomorrow!


  1. I think your granddaughter will love it! And I love the design! So cute!

  2. Well that is just gorgeous! You are always having battles with your machines!!!
    And I would rather be "The Queen of Bags" than 'The Queen of Hags' anyday! lol

  3. Well I love it even though you had a battle it looks wonderful! I know that she will love it. Do you mind if I ask what kind of embroidery machine you have? I have a simple Brother but don't know much about it. It has built in stitches and I don't even know how to use it.