Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dental Blues

We got up too early for me this morning so we could make the 2 hour trip to go to a dentist who is called Affordable Dentures and if you arrive early they will make your dentures in that one day. DH had to go because it has been a year since he got the temporary set and now it is time for  his permanent set.

They took him on back and a few others and I had been harboring the hope that I could have something done with this broken tooth in the front which just makes me hang my head in shame -hoping no one will see. But, that is not the "real me". The real me loves to laugh and so I miss that greatly.

When DH came out from the making process - he said it would be two hours and then he was suppose to come back pick his up. I was amazed that the waiting room was so empty because usually they are lined up out of the building -but today it only looks like about 30 people. I went and asked the sweet receptionist IF it was too late to have a "consulation visit" and she said no - so I signed up. I was beginning to think I could never make up my mind -if I did not have the knowledge how healthy my teeth were.

They took me back and had me stand up while this x-ray machine rolled around my head. This little girl was sooo very sweet and I can sure use "sweet" people when you are talking teeth.  Then she escorted me to another room with several chairs and they were very comfortable. A very sweet dentist came over to look at my x-rays and talk with me. I felt very comfortable with him to start with and that was a good sign for me. He explained how I needed to have that front tooth pulled no matter what I decided to do. They make partials in a hard plastic and they have one made in a metal that he said was light-weight and comfortable and that you can eat with them very easily. He said the plastic was cheaper - but they were not designed for the abuse of eating with them and most people who got them would have to take them out to eat with. He also said that it would give me 3 more teeth to help me eat better and take some of the strain off of the few top ones I have left. Well, he won my heart and I asked if he could do it today and he said yes to go back and turn the new paper work in to put me in order for the extraction. I had told him how terrified I was of dentists - but his sweet manners were helping me work with that problem and I wasn't trembling all over by the time I left his chair.

It was about a 45 minute wait and they called me back to a different room and I was the first one they put in the chair, but as minutes went on they filled the room with people to only have extractions.I was starting to get fearful again so I started sending up prayers for help, and I started to relax more because I had this picture in my head of this nice dentist and he had told me that they were really gentle and that I would see.

So, a few minutes later I heard footsteps and around stepped -the other dentist- not Dr. Noel - but this was the owner of the business -Dr. Doyle. He got the needle and was very gentle and that first injection was not so bad and I was thinking good thought -but he gave a second injection on the back side and you could feel the medication flowing in there and then all of a sudden it felt like it had hit a tunnel up to my nose and wham - it was in there. He went and did another person so he could keep us going like an assembly line.

He came back and got his tool and latched onto my poor broken tooth that has given me so much headache and it felt like he had hooked me up to a car and told it to take off at full speed. I was beginning to think I would not be able to hang onto the chair and then all of a sudden it sounded like a rifle went off in my head -he regrouped and wham and I was now seeing stars-but it was out. He and the assistant was looking and he asked her if the tooth beside that one was like that before ??? I was wondering -like what????? So, he gave me a mirror and asked if my other took was also broken? I was trying to look through all these pretty stars to see what he was referring to? The problem tooth was gone -but the tooth beside it now had half of it missing too.  :-(  I told him no it was not like that when we started. You could see the bad emotions on his face and my heart was pounding as he angerly said , well! he would pay to have it fixed and that was caused by a defective filling and that I would have to have it fixed before I could get the other stuff done and off he went.

I was not mad at him -but I was kinda broken hearted that I was trying to get all of this dentist work accomplished -partly because of my fear - and partly because of money. And here I was now facing another dentist and another procedure.You guys know what I mean  - who loves to go to the dentist? I told DH that having the money up front was going to be a problem -both for the partial and for the broken tooth. I am wondering IF another dentist will be able to fix it?

We did ride to a little country market and an hour later I took the gauze out . Then it REALLY started hurting - pounding -making me want to cry. We went back for DH to pick up his set and I got some toilet tissue and held on the hole and the tooth beside it.  It seemed to ease it a little bit if I held it against the tooth beside it that was now complaining .I guess teeth are like humans - if someone beside you gets something special -you think you need to also . :-)

Of course it dribbled blood all the way home and I found a pain pill in my pocket book that I carry for the fibromyalgia. All the way home I reminded myself to NOT drink from a straw and NOT drink any pop that fizzes -Because I have had a dry socket before and that is one thing I NEVER want to have again. NEVER!

AWWWWHHHH - It is SOOOOOOO nice to finally make it home - somewhere that I can "lick my wounds" in private. I did go in and work on making DH and I a pot of potato soup! He got a big kick out of that because he had been hinting for some potato soup all last week and now because I have this gaping hole -nice soft potato soup sounds soothing.

He decides that he just wants to take off and so some hunting and I decide that I will just go outdoors and do evening chores . Boy, the day is absolutely Magical -all these colors and the air smells SOOO clean  and "Autumnly"!!!!!!!!! You know - that kinda Woodsey smell?

But , one thing I do know - my animals are my sanity . Miss Danny has found her favorite spot to roost during the daytime. She is so cute and so funny- she makes me think of my kids when they were little - you know how they are so cute and sweet all wrapped up into one little person. She helps take my mind back off the fact that that tooth hole is starting to pound once again. So, I smile a thank you to her for all the funny antics that she can sure put on  and take you away from your misery for a while.

Of course , Miss Henny Penny the guinea fowl has to come running over and jump on the roof on another little building and start to give me Her two cents worth. She is so good at that job. When I was a little girl my Dad always HATED guineas - he said they made too much noise -SO- one of the first things I did once we got moved her was go get me some guineas. I love them as much as he hated them .

She was SOOO funny yesterday evening . Two of my guinea pigs were out in the yard and they got into a fight. (If you have never met a guinea pig - they have a very short -stubby little tail) These two were really going at it and I was headed in that direction to break them up -just like you would kids. All of a sudden there was a flash of feathers and Miss Henny descended right where they were having at it and SHE grabbed the bigger ones tail and pinched it as hard as she could! LOL - That was so funny and the pigs went up under the dove house and Miss Henny was peeking up under there with her little head trying to give them another pinch! I thought I would laugh myself silly.

I really was pleased that DH went hunting - that makes him happy and it also makes me happy as I can finish off those pants project.  All I had left was putting the elastic in the casing around the waist. Even that wanted to give me grief. The elastic did not seem to have as much stretch as I thought it should and I had made the casing a smidging tight in a couple of places - but after a half hour debate - I think I won the argument and I think they look neat.

Then taking the picture even gave me a fit. I bet I took 15 pictures or more and each time they came out all blurry. I finally just gave up and went and changed some settings that I had never touched before and got to finally get a picture.

I really liked this stretch denim . It was nice to work with and removing cat hairs off it is a dream - plus -it does not wrinkle and it just falls back into place. I sure hope she will like them as much as I hope she will. :-)

Well, my tooth-hole is starting to pound again and I can hardly keep my head up - so, I you guys happen to find a spare head on your lawn - you will know I could not bear it any longer -so I was forced to chop the head off and toss it away!

Love to one and all and have a happy evening. :-)


  1. Oh poor you Linda, I hope your teeth are much better now. I can't imagine getting all that done in one day. Here the dentists take weeks and many many appointments.

  2. That really sucks that the dentist broke your other tooth!
    Hopefully you will have a new,lovely smile again soon... I would love to see it.

    PS: I am morbidly afraid of dentists...I get vomitting and diorreaha (sp?) when I even think about going... so I don't go! Have not been near a dentist in about 20 years!!!