Monday, October 18, 2010

I find myself in a "pickle" once again

I decided to sew for a little while this morning and give the day a chance to warm up a little while DH was working on the stove house(catchy little name , isn't it??)) LOL  Would you believe that I spent two entire hours just looking for my project! Two hours and still hoping to find it. I want to go back to the set of sheets that I was working on my my brother and sister-in-laws! That was what I was working on when the embroidery machine decided it had to go to the Machine Doctor! Now that I have it back and it is suppose to be "good to go" - I was hoping to see if it really is! The only problem is that I cannot remember what I had done with it. I can remember I was working with it on the embroidery machine table and had even embroidered a hummingbird on some part of it????

Normally when life interrupts so rudely like that I usually just grab the project and lay it in the tote that is under my table . That way it is protected from all the dust and critter hairs - AND- maybe a few human hairs too!
My sewing room is not that large-maybe 8 x 12 and I have gone through every little space in here and NO SHEET SET!  Matter of fact I have pretty well messed up the entire house digging and looking and hoping -even so much that I found a pair of Scales that I had lost a good two years ago!  Of course that is because we bought a new set from our Goodwill shop. I always say it is just like Insurance when you cannot find something and when you Have to go buy another - That little lost sheep - always shows up then! LOL

I did finally give up and go outdoors to carry the pigeons back outdoors to their pen. They are starting to get the "Hang" of this new adventure. Some of them are acting like they really are not as disgusted as others are. Some are just walking into my hands and yet the "young trouble-makers" like to run fast and then take those little wings and slap me as hard as they can! I can't blame then - interrupting their life like this??? I am beginning to think that I might just leave them out tonight ? The last time this happened almost two years ago - once I had set that live trap - they did not return for some reason????? So, I am hoping that means that I am not going to see the evidence of his visit for another year and a half!!!!!!

I was working on chores and helping hubby a little as he is working on that little hut. I caught his head turned and went to the garden. We have not got our potatoes dug yet and I decided if I could just work on a little of them at  a time -it would help. I did manage to dig up 3/4 of one row and get almost a bushel before I just plain gave out. Not like the younger version of me where I could have done the entire plot! I am trying to learn to pace myself  and it is just challenging! I uuuuuu - hoooed and he brought the four wheeler with the trailer and carried us back up to his shop. I told him I wanted to dry the potatoes some first ,but I did not want the chickens to find them - so he poured them out in his gun room. We are going to "test" these -because I have a "insulated potato bin" and we want to see how long -or even if the potatoes will keep in there ????

By then I was Pooped so we came to the house and ate a bowel of pinto beans. Daughter-in-law 1 brought us a bag of white whole wheat from an Amish store  last night and I was dieing to see how the bread would turn out- you know - still have all the good qualities of brown whole wheat - but some advantages of white bread. It turned out very nice -so I had a sandwich of that with cheese on it. It sure did satisfy my hunger very quickly?

Now DH has gone back to his building and I am back on the hunt for those dumb Sheets! Hummm??? I am having a wild thought - let me go check it out???? I can't do no more than be Wrong Again! :-)

O I do NOT BELIEVE it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found them - whoopeeeeeeee!!!!  I keep the little embroidery machine in a tote when I am not using that one - SOOOOO - when it messed up and had to go to the machine doctor  -the tote was empty - and I tossed that project all nice and safe and sound into the tote that the machine usually occupies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O My ! I am so thrilled - I might just have to do some-kind of a Jig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, let's see what kind of trouble I can get into!!!!!!!!

Well, it does not take me long to get into trouble! It did not take long. I laid the pillowcase out and tried to line it up just like the first one -only to realize that I had now - LOST THE SECOND PART OF MY HOOP! :(
You know, I had read about people even losing their jobs due to the fibromyaliga and the effect it has on your brain - and I do SOOOO believe it. You can look something right in the eyeball and still it does not registure.
DH came in for a chat and I told him what I had done and as I raised the pillowcase to show him only one part of the hoop was there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Yep -there was the other part of the hoop still together!

So, to move right along with living with my friend , Mr. Fibromyalgia - I put the pillowcase back onto the embroidery machine - ONLY to realize ( THANK GOODNESS for REALIZE!!!!!!!!! ) that I now had the pillowcase - upside down from my first one!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank Goodness my guardian angel was looking out for me !  I bet that is one "Wore out Angel " at the end of a day !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Sooo - I start the project - only to discover it is pulling the white bobbin thread onto the top and it is not suppose to do that???? SO, my next idea is to use topthread in the bobbin like my #1daughter-in-law does so mistakes do not show. WRONG! Now it starts building a nest of thread underneath. Just in time DH comes in and needs me to come raise a wall and it sounds almost like a good idea at the time. :-)

Along the way he tells me that although they told me it was the bobbin thread causing some of my problems -they had put the thread I  had on the machine back in the bobbin case-so my "EVIL " thread was still haunting me!

Make it back to the house and go right straight and put the new good thread on . My next dilemma is trying to make the placement of the design match up with the first one. No easy matter for me today? I decided I was going to trash the extra pillowcase that came with the set and it now becomes my test sheet. First thing I do is turn it backwards and the next is up side down?????  Welllllllll - this machine does not show the picture of which changes you have made .

Well, you know how it is - Just jump right into it again - Humm? If I keep on Jumping they will just not have any pillow cases for their bed???? : -) I do believe that it is happy with this bobbin thread and that makes me VERY happy.

I have said that sewing is just like puzzles - as long as you can work upside down and right side up - you should have no problems . LOL - But , I cannot do puzzles - unless we count the first grade wooden puzzles - I like them ! LOL

 Well, here they are - all finished and time to get these birdies wrapped - so I can move onto the next present.  Merry Christmas to all


  1. Well Linda,
    So glad you found the sheets!
    Another day tomorrow!

  2. They are beautiful. Job well done!

  3. PS - I am glad your embroidery machine is working again, too!