Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a Little Bit!

I Hate to get this way - when life just steals all of your precious time every day  - just to deal with "stuff". But this morning I decided to just rap on the head of "life" and sneak a little "fun" in before he knew what hit him! LOL I came flying in and cut all the threads on the serger - so I could quick tie the new color to the old color and then pull them all through and Voila - the machine was threaded and ready to go. I took down that little burp cloth that had pulled loose all around the side when I had washed it to get rid of the stabilizer from the design. I realized that I had put the wrong color of green on, but decided just to let it be. I disabled the knife and then just serged around the mess and then when I was finished - it looked as good as new. But, still it worries me because I do not want that to happen to the others after they use them and wash them???I am beginning to think that me and flannel were just not meant to be?????

The flannel on the  back side of this was what came loose. Now it is all back together and I expect it to behave its self!

The REALLY good news is that while I was on a search this morning - I uncovered a book that I had treated myself to last year and maybe now I will find time to enjoy it! I Totally LOVE my serger and I know it has Many more uses than what I use it for - so I am hoping to gain some more knowledge of how to do that!

One thing I have fallen head over heels with is over at Maria's blog :
. It is on her Saturday post and it is a little angel -all from scratch and I am madly in love with her - err- them - O shoot --- both the creator and the creation! She is SOOO cute !Isn't it neat when something like that pushes your buttons and you feel that wonderful surge of creativity and it makes you feel so alive!  Isn't it wonderful to have all of our virtual friends that we can laugh and love and share this wonderful world with! It is so true - that my friends all hide in my computer! :-)  So, thank you - to everyone of you for taking the time to share of yourself with each of us.

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