Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day Is Done

This has been a strange day - and even now down to the picture? It was almost dark outside and for the first time since I have owned this camera - it has a FLASH!  Instant daylight!  LOL

Somehow -BOTH - DH and I wore each other completely out.  I had been washing dishes and cleaning up morning messes when I realized that it had taken me 3 hours and it was now time to feed DH again????  I put the small pot of beans on to heat and fixed him a peanut butter sandwich and me a cheese sandwich and that was lunch and then I went to cleaning up the same messes All over again.

Then DH needed my help holding and pulling and pushing -as he wrestled a store door going up on the wood stove hut and a piece of the roof.  He got all flustered and I got all sad -but some of it got accomplished. While he was cooling off - I did critter chores  - and then came back and helped some more. While he was side tracked I tiptoed away and headed to the potato patch and dug another row of potatoes . These were the prettiest I think we have ever had. By the time I had accomplished that -he was coming to take a break because we both were now - two dead ducks!  He brought the little trailer on the 4 wheeler and we put the basket on the trailer and it was all I could do just to climb onto the 4 wheeler . I was so tired I did not know If I had enough strength just to hold on! He pulled up beside his gun room and he picked up the basket of potatoes and I went to open the gate !!!!!!!!! Yea- a bee did not want me to open it and the next moment I was hopping around ooooooing and aaaaaaing  and DH looking at me like I had lost my mind!!!!!!

I told him I had to go to the house and get some ice to put on it. Jeepers -those things HURT! I had cold chills running all over me -but I was still breathing so I knew it was not a hornet-thank goodness! I wrapped the ice in a old tee shirt an curled up in my chair and whimpered to myself. Then DH came in and he has hurt his back doing all of this work - so we are both pretty miserable.

It was time for supper and I had put a potato casserole in the crock-pot and Had fixed fresh bread in the bread machine so that was what we had and we were lucky to have that! I was suppose to find him some venison with gravy -but that will have to wait. I was not wild about the casserole -but he Loved it and that pleased me!

We sat and rested for about half an hour and then he went back to do something before the rain starts here they are calling for.  He did take a 10 minute power nap and that always perks him back up and I ran out  and snapped the pictures of the day ending.

Then I went out and locked up all of the chickens and closed up the critter room .

 This is the hill behind our house and if you look almost in the center -just a tad to the right - that little light you see is the moon peeking through the trees to tell me day is done.

When I was tiny that meant it was almost time for bed. I can remember visiting with some of Mama's friends and they would light their kerosene lanterns and sit in the parlor and chat. I think that was so nice -before the invention of electricity and televisions because people did talk to each other - not just sit and star at the "Tube"!

As for me I think I must have "SEWERS BLOCK" - I have set down with my notes of the presents that I have already made and the ones I yet have to make and am trying to conjure up Inspiration! But, I do believe that my inspiration is So Tired it cannot do its job!

Well, in this "lull" -this might be the perfect time to re-thread the serger and see if I can fix that burp cloth that I had washed to get the water stabilizer out of it and the silly thing had pulled loose from the serger edge! I was very MIFFED at it for doing that.

I have got to figure out what to work on for my youngest son -who is 27. I only have him one little shirt so far! I have decided that sewing gifts is a lot like buying gifts. When we were buying gifts and going to flea markets and such trying to find the perfect gift at the perfect price and we would end up with a mixture of different people's gifts -but it seemed that someone always got more and someone always got less until I took stock of it . The same truth is showing up in sewing - I find different ideas that just fit each individual and then end up stuck with a few that have been left out ??? Time is getting short - so I need to get my act together. :-)

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  1. Gee Linda I am worn out just reading your post. Poor thing.Hope you have a better day today.
    I can't believe you still have to make something for Xmas as you have been such a good girl with your gift sewing all year.