Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Little Success?

A new chapter starts today on this first day of our week. I had run across this brown denim fabric that I had put up to keep safe??? Safe from me that is . LOL  I have laid the two pieces of the legs out so I can hopefully figure out which is the front and which is the back because I want to embroider something on it.

After much dilly - dallying around I just decided to take the leap of faith. This fabric is so nice to work with -but today it is my serger that I am calling the war machine -because all it wants is to have war with me. For some reason everything looks perfect until I would tug on the stitches and then they would stretch out a lot-not pretty on dark chocolate color - for your boo-boos to show up that loud!I even tried working with the needle tension and that did not help a bit. Poo! It just thinks it's smart because I will use the serger to make the lines nice and clean and then I resew it with the regular sewing machine ! Takes me twice as long - but at least it looks nice.

DH came and got me a couple of times to help him hold doors and mark places to cut. His little stove hut is making great progress and now he is gone in the back to check on deer signs for tomorrow. HuMMM? Maybe if he really goes hunting - I will be able to work on some more of those gloves for him. I think it is so neat that I can make use of the scraps of knit left over from my project to make him something that he can use to. :-)

I do not have any elastic to finish them off- but I am quiet pleased with myself because I think they look nice and crisp. They are an xxxl size and  -then I have hopes of making a shirt to match them .So - YEA!!!! I made a little progress today! Whoopeee!

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  1. Those pants are nice.
    Deer hunting! My Dad used to go deer hunting a lot ... he loved it... and we loved the venison sausages!