Monday, October 25, 2010

The Race Is On

Well, that is what it seems like when the first of the week always seems to fly out of the house and the next thing I know - it will be the weekend . But, I want a chance to enjoy each moment - instead of feeling like a rocket shooting out of the sky .I think I would like to be more like the sun - just take my good ole time climbing up into the sky to make everybody and all the plants so happy to see me. Then be able to enjoy each moment as I travel across the sky-so slowly.

This morning we got up early and grabbed a bit to eat and then we were off the the Fancy Gap Pottery and Fabric. I was on the search for elastic. Every where I had looked it cost an arm and a leg . When we came through the door I could see they were having a flannel special -3.00 a yard and they were so pretty. Of course when I do some many different ones I have to make sure to get different designs so nobody can say that somebody snitched theirs and keep conflict down.  OF COURSE the next 3 tables  were 3.99. I did ask what was the difference and she said that the 3.00 flannel was a flat fold , so I gave up my wild idea to just go crazy and regret it later.

BUT ! I did get my elastic : it was 20 yards x .25= 5.00
                                          it was 20 yards x .10= 2.00 and .35 cents for tax to equal 7.35 for 40 yards of elastic.  So, I was a happy camper and now I have the elastic to put in my sister-in-laws shorts. Of course I still need the fabric to do the lounge pants . I am just so afraid of flannel after all that mess last summer when the flannel just ripped out on all the young people's pants. I have considered some type of knit and have seen some cute that would probably work. So, I am just straddling the middle of the  road right now - undecided for sure right now??????

We ran into some of the hardest rain coming home and Wind that almost blowed DH away when he tried to put gas in the vehicle. It was 2.63 there and at home it was 2.68. Then we came on home and started working . Maybe it is that "working" that helps time fly away????  I did get to run the vacuum the house and do the dishes and do a laundry and wash my hair because in the morning we have to get up WAY too early for me -because DH has to go get his new , permanent dentures. It is a two hour drive and they open at 7AM and first come - first serve. I had hoped that I could get a consultation about what to do where my front tooth broke. It looks horrible and I am not smiling nearly as much as I would if  it was not broke, and I hate that because I fear that people will think I am snobby. But, I am just so embarrassed and lacking the big bucks that it cost these days to have dental work done, but I do drool over those nice implants that just screw in . I guess I will just have to drool a while longer . :-)

Gosh, our day turned out to be so beautiful - it is dark and still 65 degrees. I do Love this beautiful weather.They said we are about ten degrees warmer than normal - and that suites me to a tea! I hear my great white hunter coming in so I will bid you farewell. .

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