Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Tractor & Sewing Pants?

I almost got a nice early start after I had cleaned up our breakfast . DH went outdoors to work some more on the "stove Hut". I ran the vacuum and then made it to the sewing room. I have discovered that developing a plan is almost the hardest part. You know, after you have completed a project -it seems like you have wiped your slate clean , but then what would be the smartest thing to do next?

I studied and thought and was not getting anywhere - then I started putting things in their place and as I picked things up that lead me to my next project.

This is a piece of brown stretchy denim that I caught on sale last year. I had already made my sister-in-law a pair of capri pants last Christmas from a blue piece. Of course I got them a little bit too snug-and she asked me to add a couple inches to the next pair. Since I only got 2 yards of the brown I have to change them to longer shorts in order for me to get all the pieces cut out?

I missed out on this picture. Darn it -guess I should have held my breath  ! But, this is attaching the pocket pieces.  I was actually starting to make good progress - I was so proud- everything was starting to fit together like it should. I was trying to figure out IF I should add an embroidery trim to them and where I should place it - BEFORE I sewed it all up and then had to take it apart again. But I was feeling good about this project and could feel my confidence start to rise.(Don't you hate to get to that part and then ?????) Then DH showed up and needed my help again on the stove hut! Yea, I know - I totally adore him - but when I get interrupted - I seem to loose my Mojoe!

After I helped him for a while and then I went to work on the days chores and by then it was getting late. We came in and ate beans and sandwiches . Then we both came back outdoors and I locked up the chickens and he went back to work on the hut.  I was getting tired , but had grabbed my camera when he had gone down the hill to drag a tree up to the hut for him to cut it up. He drags it with his tractor that he dearly loves- his little John Deere.

This is one of the trees that fell down in a storm this Summer. It was covered in poison oak - so he left it lay -hoping it would die out. I told him he needed to wear some gloves because he breaks out like crazy if he even looks at the dumb stuff. All of the mess around him is where he is working on two different projects . He had tore down a building  and is using the material out of that one building to make two for us. One half he added on to his hunters shack and the other part is going into the "stove - hut". We keep dragging all of the work materials back and forth and up and down the hill as he cuts the sizes he needs.

Here he is turning in a circle to drag the tree up so he can take his chainsaw to it. Another nice thing about the little hut is because of all the glass doors we added  the hut is looking like the perfect place for me to start my plants in the spring and that is a VERY good thing to me! :-)

I came back in and looked at the sewing project and knew I was in trouble because I was back in my "fibro flog" -and I was so tired and I think we all know when you are too tired that you make bigtime  mistakes and then I would have to spend more time ripping everything out. So, I believe that I will call it quits and then hope for a fresh start  in the morning ?

Our weather is suppose to be nice for the next week with rain on Monday. I have lots of hope for things to accomplish  - like some more presents and finish digging the potatoes.

O, one thing that happened today was I had put DH a bread mixture in the bread machine and then I could smell it . UMMM - it smelled SO good. But I left it to cool down while we were working outdoors. It was almost dark when I remembered it , so I went to remove it to take it up to his slicer-because it does a perfect job. WELL - the bread certainly was not perfect and DH would not get even one piece ! The top of it looked like a puddle of glue and the the last half of it looked like flour that had been crushed by a bulldozer because it was still white flour -but it felt like a white cinder block????? I Had never seen anything like it before????? Sometimes I just Amaze myself with my boo-boos! :-)


  1. I would have liked to have seen a picture of that bread! It must have been a sight!!!

    My husband also loved his was the sadest part of our moving to town, and he had to sell it.

  2. OH No!!! Linda what did you do to the bread. LOL.
    Hope you have a good sleep and a much better day tomorrow.

  3. Men and their tractors eh? My Dad was a logger, he had SUPER BIG ... LIKE HUGE bulldozers and cranes for loading huge logs on logging trucks. Those were his toys!

    Sorry I've been missing lately, just ran out of time to read blogs lately. So busy... and HAPPY!