Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hump-day gone Again??????????

If only I could slow time down -but you know how that is.We got up early this morning because DH had to go back to the dentist because you get free adjustments -for a time period -and on the first pair he did not do that and regretted his decision - so this time on the permanent set they told him , not to be shy -come on and let them work on them to make them fit and not cause all these sores  that the first pair caused him - even down to this month -it made a year he had worked with them and he still had sores when he went for this new set.

We got up early and I had over looked the potato soup that I had made last night and it was still sitting on the stove. I asked him if we could just finish the soup off for breakfast so it would not go to waste and he was agreeable.Tasted very good too-filled up our tummies for the trip because we did not have money to eat on this time and I did not want to be hungry and get sick.

We made good time and got there in perfect timing because they do the adjustments at 10 AM and when he arrived there were only 3 in front of him and they took him in in ten minutes . That was nice.Then we decided to do a little sight-seeing as this place was in a very rural area. We ended up in a place called Bluefield and part of it was Bluefield , VA. and the other part was Bluefield W.Va. - I thought that was interesting. We ended up on a different road to come home and it was out in the mountains also where they have a Amish settlement -kinda where they all bought the top of a mountain  and it was so lovely from the way they had worked and made it a remarkable place. They had the most beautiful draft horses and their farms were lovely. As we were coming down the mountain we found the Amish store that our son had told us about . My daughter-in-law had bought me a bag of what I had called white whole wheat flour. I had read about it and knew that DH did not like the dark brown whole wheat flour - so I was hoping this might be a compromise and I could still get the good health results in him if he would like the taste.

It did turn out to be really nice and I love the taste and since DH has the slicer now he is able to cut nice thin slices of bread and we both like that , because when bread slices are too thick for us we get choked eating it.While DH went hunting I was able to do my chores and 3 loads of laundry and vacuum the house of my critter hairs. I even got to give all 7 of my furbabies baths for the month. I have tried every day to accomplish this goal and every day something would ruin it  for me. But we got it done and that pleases me. One thing I do not understand is every time I give the dogs a bath -they always Lose 3 times more hair than they were doing?

I did get to call a most beloved friend this afternoon to check up on her since the lose of her DH. I really Hated that . There is a book I saw one time that was titled , "Why bad things happen to good people" -I have not got to read it , but I remember the title. Maybe because we all know many good people going through rough times. Sure , we cannot fix it for them, but we can tell them that we love them and applaud their courage .

This picture is of a cactus that my sister-in-law gave me a sprig of last fall and it is already trying to get ahead of itself and remind me that Christmas is on its way. The plant behind it is an aloe that she gave me at the same time.

Well, I better hit the sack -DH is planning on going hunting in the morning and I hope that I can sew! :-)
That's me - always hoping ! :-)


  1. You didn't mention what's happening with your teeth???
    I hope your hubby's teeth don't bother him this time around.
    What's he hunting for?
    We had a friendly butcher who made our sausages, I don't have the recipe sorry!
    All I know is he didn't add much filler!

  2. I know the exact area you are talking about between WVa and Va...we go through there when we go to NC! Small world.

    Glad you have clean babies. Seven is a chore though. I have one and I hardly ever get around to it. She doesn't seem to get too dirty though. She does like her hair brushed.

    Teeth...what can I say...we sure need them!