Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Flys By! In More Ways than one.

Hello Everybody!

Have any of you about blowed away today? Sheeezzzzzzz! The wind took on a life of it's own and "dusted " everything in sight and then some. I ran out and grabbed my one last flower this morning as I saw it skate across the porch. :-)

I believe that dreams of sewing tried to go with it because our outdoor wood stove broke down. One of the circulatory pumps went out and we lost our heat because the hot water could not circulate. I was on the phone and on the computer all morning long. Definitely not my favorite way to waste a morning.

Next I fixed a batch of pumpkin cupcakes to munch on and I fixed DH his venison and gravy and the dogs some cheese treats. By then I was so pooped !

I wanted to go lay down -but I also wanted to work on me a pants pattern? The slacks won out and I found one pair that I really like and they fit decent -so I am working on making a pattern from them??? Not as easy as I hoped it would be - probably because I am such a "drunk - cut-er-out-er! But, I am going to give it my best shot!

Well, my first shot was not successful?  I was serging along and wondering why in the world the line I was stitching down the leg went to buck - jumping all over the place???? That did not make any sense at all to me??? That was UNTIL - I was finished and realized that I had now sewed two "bumpy" seams -Caused by not having my knife engaged and the fabric was kinda of curling up on itself -until it just got to thick to ignore - so I went to bucking to let me know something was Wrong????

I thought it would be "Smart" to just complete the second leg like that one and Maybe they would at least -Match??? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Because now the second leg seam did not match when I arrived at the waste-band????? I now had 3 pieces that did match up and one that did not ????? WELL _ - - -   I Just Love to RIP things out and that is one thing I am so good at - maybe I will subconsciously sew it wrong again - JUST for the thrill!  :-)  NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

On the other hand, maybe I won't ????? I think that was enough of a thrill and now I have two legs -so I just have to turn one inside out and insert it into the other one and sew the mid seam???? Wonder how that will go???????

Well, it turned out half decent - I think that will work just fine. But ! (You knew there had to be a but-didn't you)  But - I just discovered that I had used up all of my elastic???????????? I looked everywhere just making sure -but no - I really had used it all up.

The only other mistake I think I made was they were about 3 inches too short -so I added that on to my pattern. I had trouble with the fabric wanting to do the hoochey-koochey! on me and the legs are a little crooked -but still better than any other pattern I have used up to date? So, I guess the day was not a total loss because I did learn a little something. Every piece of fabric that I us always presents a lesson new to me. SO , I hope I have a "happy brain:! :-)

I also got me a loaf of bread made from the white whole wheat flour and then DH took it to his electric slicer and did a perfect job. That was one thing that we did not like when I was making bread before - we wanted our slices to be nice and even - like store-bought. So, maybe we have succeeded . LOL

I hope everybody is looking forward to a wonderful week-end - they just fly by too fast. :-)

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