Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday sewing lessons to start the week off ?

When I got up this morning DH told me that he had done all the morning chores and I should go sew.Tells me that he knows I really did get sick yesterday evening and he knows some time sewing will help straighten me out. So, I throw caution to the wind and come pick up that pair of pants that were giving me such a fit.

Since I had sewn that waistband in twisted I decided to start that right off the bat while I am fresh. I cut the band in half and sew that together and I do GET IT RIGHT this time - but - waist is now Too tall - matter of fact it is so tall that it meets where my bra strap is? Makes me feel like an old television show where one of the little boys was called Erkle and all of his pants came up under his arms.

I stand in front of the mirror and try to figure out what would be the best way to go??? I could cut the waistband off and redo that - OR - I could work on another project and hope that would strighten me out. I have read somewhere that it is a challenge to find the perfect pants pattern -and for me  - I believe it.?????? O ! And not only problems with the patterns - also each fabric has its own set of challenges to try to learn-kind of like being 5 years old and being thrown in grade school with all different children that you have to met and learn about and they are all so different ????

O, lets not forget that each of us has a different body build with parts that we like to accent and parts that we definitely DO NOT like to accent. :-)
Hummm? The longer I set here thinking the more I lean toward ripping that band off and trying AGAIN????

Well YES! That is what I did and YES, that did help. IF ONLY I DID NOT HAVE -"thunder-thighs"! !!! And I have more fat on one thigh than I do on the other- I bet NO BODY else has that quality???? I noticed it last year and at first it scared me to death - I thought there was some kind of cancer growing-but after I calmed myself down and took another gander at it-it is just plain old more fat ????? :-)

One of the qualities of this knit fabric is that it is nice and soft and it is also warm to be so light. But it is a little clingy so it accents my "thunder-thighs" - UCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( But I will get some good use out of them-one advantage to learning lessons is that it gives you clothes to wear while learning . LOL I am still learning that I think there are as many differences to knits as there are people who use them. I think I am a long way from being "out of school yet".  LOL


  1. Good for you for not giving up. That is the important thing. The one thing that is important with patterns is to take your measurements (yes, I hate that part, too) and then compare them with the sizing on the back. You could also take a measurement from your waist area to the seam in the crotch and keep all them in a little notebook. I think you are doing great. Each little thing you make builds a foundation and your skills will just keep getting better and better!

  2. Great job! I love your persistence, and I like the way you never gave up!