Friday, October 29, 2010

Days End

Boy - it sure looks like I worked them hard today, doesn't it? LOL  I am as tired as they look and the week is fast coming to a close and so you know I am going to say, "Where did it go So fast"? The only time I can think of time slows down is where you are waiting for a doctor visit -unless - you remember to take that book you have been dieing to start. :-)

The day has flown by because I have been chasing the minutes and when you are busy - they just fly away. I worked outdoors with the critters. Their building was cool - too cool for me . I looked and DH had not quiet finished it because deer season came along. The man lives and breathes to hunt -so this is the favorite time of year for him. I guess it would almost be perfect -IF - only he did not have to cut firewood.

I sure missed a good picture today , I was passing by a very old swing (metal guilder) that I have in the back yard that was my Mama's. As I passed I did a retake- sitting in the swing was Danny the female turkey. I knew if I ran for the camera that she would move -but she was soooo cute sitting there -just taking it all in.

We went to town for a minute and came home and DH hit the woods and I hit the living room trying to straighten up some and water my flowers and ran the Hann steam cleaner on the hardwood floors. That is certainly a wonderful invention! Makes those floors shine and kills germs too at the same time.

We had a bowel of the veggie soup today and it was delicious -DH had a peanut butter sandwich and I had a cheese sandwich  . I had mine on the Prairie Gold flour (it is a white whole wheat) and DH had his on a white loaf  - I am enjoying the bread maker. :)

Since I whine all the time about weekends flying by - a friend sent me this quote just a little while ago - and I love how it explains weekends:

Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.  ~John Shirley

Isn't that neat - all wrapped up and tied with a bow. ;-)

OK - so I got down to it and actually finished a project- Yea

I started with the top that I embroidered yesterday and that helps a lot to have it already embroidered. 

This is a xxxl shirt and I ALMOST made a couple of my mistakes that like to haunt me. I ALMOST sewed the sleeves on upside down - :) but I caught it and I was so grateful for that. :)

When you combine the shirt and the shorts - I think they are so cute. But, I am afraid she will not like the shirt - even though it is so cute - BUT - The knit fabric is SOOOOO stretchy I am afraid it will just fall off of her. This is the second piece of fabric like that I have played with. I had a blue piece last year and I made me a shirt out of it and Yes. - it wants to just walk off of your body.  Live and learn -and in my case - Forget it - and just try to do your best. :)

Good night to one and all ! :)


  1. This cat is so cute! Wonderful choice!

  2. I love your embroidery, and your sheltie is just so pretty!