Friday, October 22, 2010

Wonder Why?

Have you ever noticed that we each have 24 hours in a day -but how that time affects us is so different . I have heard people say :"I am SOOO Bored"!  And then I wonder how in the world can they feel that way -when there are so many adventures that we each can have and share and it is difficult , if not impossible to cram one day's adventure into one little 24 hour time frame?

I guess I was pondering the Time Quandary - I came to realize that my day is almost over once again - and no matter how I try - I just cannot get it all accomplished. Today was my "critter day" and after that we went to the mill for critter groceries. That was my idea , even though we had not run out of feed - but tomorrow starts some kind of hunting for DH - and I did not want to bother him later in the week , from something he loves.

By the time we arrived back home I was already tired. I do not understand how Just Riding in a Vehicle can make you SOOOO tired-but it does for me. We came in and changed back into our work clothes and grabbed a bit to eat and then hurried out to unload the truck and do evening chores. I was so tickled to get fresh chicken eggs when I went to lock everybody up. What a nice gift that was. :-)

Then DH went to cut us a little wood for tonight (they are calling for our first freeze tonight )  I grabbed two baskets and headed to the potato patch. I was making good progress and had two baskets ready to put on the little trailer. We carried them to his hunting shed and poured them out on the floor for them to dry.

By the time I wobbled back to the house I was pooped -so- I curled up in my chair with a light blanket . My furbabies came to share space with me and they were nice and warm -so that felt good. Finally I could move so I came in the sewing room just to spend time with you. The computer was winking to tell me about the freeze tonight -so that was how I know. When DH went out to check the stove I managed to get two more pair of the gloves cut out -but sewing them will have to wait until he is not in the house. ;-)

So, I guess that is my big sewing accomplishment for the day. I guess I cannot accomplish what I want the way I want  - so I have to break some of it down in steps. You know Christmas is just around the corner so we have to do what ever ever we need to to accomplish our goals .Right now I better hop up and go put the potatoes somewhere safer. We had intended to put some in an insulated bin , but when we opened it - there was some kind of hard shell - little stink bug- and they were EVERYWHERE in the bin and we were afraid to trust out hard work to that condition-- so I better go figure out that problem. :-)
love to one and all!


  1. Sounds like you'd like to do a whole lot more work than is possible. Critters take loads of work and time. Let us know what you did about the potatoes! I didn't do much in way of sewing today either.

  2. Like you Linda there are never enough hours in my day to accomplish what I would like. BORED what's that!!!
    Sounds like it was nice to snuggle up for a rest with your furbabies.
    Hope you had enough wood tonight to keep you nice and warm.