Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31- Can you believe that another month has come and almost gone.?

When I come into the sewing room I can see this big empty gap - kinda like the one in my mouth where I broke a tooth???? Of course it does make a nice drink holder??? LOL But I am here to "get something accomplished" and that is what I am going to do.:)

It has been raining here all day long-a nice Slow easy rain -the kind we really needed to be helpful to restore our fields and our gardens and ponds. It gives everything that nice clean smell and the temperatures are in the 60"s. So, that should make for excellent sleeping weather. :)

"See, I am making progress just in time for DH's "hungry " button to go off!

Humm???? Well at least it does have a purpose  - a project holder.! LOL  I am cutting them all out and then putting them in a plastic bag with Names on them-not like I did last year when I cut some out and did not put names on them(thinking I would remember- HA! Maybe for the two weeks I had been told -But - definitely not for four months that it turned out to be. !!!! I believe that is what you call "Live and Learn". LOL

I trotted off to feed us-so I pulled out all the tiny bits of leftovers for me and I fried a venison chopped steak for DH with some fried cucumbers!!!!!!!!!!!! You would have to laugh as I typed this in BECAUSE - all of a sudden I realize that I did not get to taste my share ! Where did they go to?? So, I pranced back in the kitchen and my share is still laying down on the counter ! Well, dag nab it!!! How can I say what I think about them when I did not remember to taste them. DDDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are not hot anymore , but I decide to give it a try. They are pretty tasty and I now understand why I have been told they remind you of oysters. It is not because they taste like oysters so much -but they leave that little after taste of oysters. So, I decide to experiment and I get a slice of bread and put a little mustard on and slap the cukes on it and - Yea - I really like that too?? That really leaves a lot of experiments to conduct-I see! LOL If only I had some cheese to try! :)

 DH went out the door for something and I took that opportunity to sew up one pair of the gloves I have invented. After I had sewn the first one and put in on my hand -there was always a funny tug from across the hand ?? I had really pondered on that last winter as I fixed them and here it was looking me in the face once again , because I had not overcome it! For some reason I decided to put it back up to the serger and take an inch off of the wrist area  and that made it a tad more secure and it felt comfortable now. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, even without my beloved embroidery machine - I am still making progress and this pleases me!  I still have a few more tee shirts to cut out  and then I will have to look for some designs. I am afraid that is going to hang me up , anyway because I have used most of the designs that I have collected and I have not seen many designs I like as I have been looking for other stuff. Probably one of my complications is the fact that it seems like a large majority if for the guys and to me that makes it a little more difficult.

Thanks for visiting with me ! I had fun sharing in this virtual world of sewing and creating and learning! :)

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