Thursday, July 29, 2010

My poor tired body - fun is just too much work :)

Yep, I have decided that fun really is just too much work. We rolled out of bed this morning and I was sore from yesterday's trip. Thank you very much - Mr. Fibromyalgia ! But, we did do a few chores and take off to pick up DH's sister and her hubby. They had traveled in to bring their car to a local dealer and it was to be a day's work.So, we all took off  on a road trip.We first traveled to a Government Surplus  store and just rambled around checking out the day's treasures. I ended up with a .50 container of the powdered cleaner and a 1.00 pillow to put back in the car for our pekingese to ride on in the car. I had to give his other pillow to one of the grandson's because he was riding on the hump of the backseat one day and I thought it looked SOOOO uncomfortable. Then poor Snowball was pouting about the pillow-he would lay his little head up on the little divider from where we lay the seat down. Maybe now they will both be happy.

Then we all took off and they bought us lunch. UMMMMM - it was soooo good. I got a big salad and cottage cheese  and then a whole plate of strawberries. Yummy - I adore strawberries. It was so hot when we came back outdoors - 96 on the bank outside.

By then it was time to head back so they could pick up their car, only we did stop at a fruit-stand and they bought us some peaches and a melon. . Now that we are home - those peaches are all gone! Fruit is just not safe around me.:) It is such a blessing to have family who are so generous. I am worried about them , both of them have health issues. He had some heart surgery last year and he looks so tired.

I am tired also .Too much fun I guess.!!! It is strange but when we know we are to do something special the next day - it is almost impossible to fall asleep and get the rest we need. Makes us feel so bad - so I am hoping for sleep tonight for all of us. :)

I hope you have had a very lovely day. I am going to crawl off somewhere and rest. :)Bye!  and love to all :)

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