Friday, July 23, 2010

O Golly - our week is almost gone?

I really hate to see another week just fly right on by. My goals of sewing each day seen to get sidetracked by life. I guess the goal is to learn from it and still strive toward my goals. 

We managed to get "up and atom" nice and early because a bill collector rang our chimes nice and early. It must be nice to be so important that businesses call you first thing in the morning . It breaks my heart that I do not have the money to pay them -but might as well use them as an alarm clock and get some use out of them. :)

We took off to the mill for our critter feed and this time I got a bag of whole wheat flour and a bag of biscuit mix.  Then we went back by DH's doctor's office and dropped off the cd with his bone scan on it. I wish they would allow us to just wait and see what the doctor thinks, but that is not the way doctors do things. When you are dealing with cancer -it seems that the "wheels of medicine" grind awfully slow. 

Then we stopped and got gas and picked up 40.00 of groceries so this was our "spending spree " for the day. That is one reason I HaTE to come to town - if you stay home you usually do not spend money ??? EXcept for the electricity ! That is bad enough. Well , come to think of it - we also pay our real estate taxes each month so I think you could break that down into so much per day to be able to keep our homes. And, so much per day to keep our telephones . Gosh, now that I have thought about it - I might get depressed.

Maybe not as depressed as who ever owned a older model truck that we saw on our way to the mill. He had lost control and went barreling down the mountain -hit the side of a bank and rolled his truck in the ditch. It was really banged up and they were using shovels to get up all the trash on the highway and throw it back on his truck. I sure hope he was not hurt.

The ride home was through pretty scenery of farms and hay fields , but it was HOT in his truck. I wonder how long it will be before DH attempts to install air conditioning in his truck? The last time we were heading to the store to get what he needed was the day two years ago that those kids hit us head on. I keep discovering results from that wreck and it has been almost two years - like yesterday at the hospital we were walking out and they have the most beautiful sun-rooms and I was letting my eyes follow the design of the architecture only to discover that it was hurting to look up and when I looked back down I had the design plastered in my eyeballs??? It was a very strange experience. I had noticed when we went to stores that I cannot raise my head over a certain height without a lot of pain. I noticed this when it first happened , but thought it would go away -but I guess it is one of those things that you have to live with.

Hubby and I got home and went to unload the feed. I turned to look and it had started raining so I took off around the building to grab a tarp I had so I could throw it over the feed and flour . It was stuck on a wire - so I tugged and fussed with it -only to discover that it had quit raining -UNTL - I walked back to the truck and then it started pouring down and then I had to go after it again and covered up the truck bed. I was beginning to think that Mother Nature was having some fun with me. :)

I had intended to go sew, but I saw that some of my furbabies needed a bath and if I just try to pick them up and give a bath - by the time I do that they all hide. At least I did get two of them ! Then I got side-tracked working on one of our aquariums. It just looked terrible for some reason so I took the filter off and cleaned it and then had to work on the dirty glass. It took some work, I guess maybe I just love too many things. But the aquariums have always had a soothing affect on me. Something about the soothing water and watching the fish swim - when I cannot swim , LOL !

So, my day got away from me again. I think when I was younger I just moved faster and got more accomplished  ??? But to me now - each day is a gift - a little like each of you are gifts too."_  

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