Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bow Wow and HoHoHO!

What a lovely Wednesday ! DH had to take DS back to the doctor today for his second check - up since the back surgery and he is not bouncing back at all. Still using his crutches to get around and to keep himself from falling. It is not looking so good .

SOOOO - while the cat's away - the Mouse  will play! LOL  I was like a kid set loose in a candy store  - I could not decide what I wanted to do . I "wanted" to it all, but I knew I could not pull that off in a few hours so I settled for cleaning the flood with my steam cleaner . I absolutely love this tool! It makes the hardwood floors just shine.

Then I curled up and caught up on some magazines. For Christmas my Tenn. buddy had given me subscriptions for two magazines and I Adore them. What a wonderful gift !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I headed to the sewing room and debated what to tackle??? I could not find the one piece of fabric that I thought I had -then another piece of fabric did not have as much as I had thought! O Shoot! So, I decided to wrap a few Christmas presents. Up until this year I always stashed the presents as I acquired them and then I had a terrible time wrapping them all in time for Christmas. SOO, this year I am being smarter and wrapping them as I finish a few . That gets two jobs off of me  !. the wrapping  and 2. cleans up my space so I am make more  :)

I put the doggie shirt and the doggie pants together as one set. My DH came in and I showed him . His sister has a little dog named Buttons and I had embroidered the design as close to the colors of Buttons that I could. DH asked was I going to write Buttons name on it and I told him that had been my plan -UNTIL- the embroidery machine messed up and I was afraid to embroider on it and maybe ruin it . So- he suggested to add some real buttons to the shirt. I loved that idea and sewed Button's on the doggie's eyes because I hated the eyes the way they were . Then I sewed green buttons under her feet as grass. It now has a whimsical touch.  Sometimes those DH do come in handy. :)

 Well , Shoot! The buttons do not show up and I have already wrapped them !!!

Miss Rosie thought going thru the buttons was a good idea. Round and round she goes -where she stops- nobody knows! LOL

See, I REALLY have been HOHOHO-ing!

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  1. How many people do you make gifts for? And do you make several for each person. I know you worked on the quilted covered balls.

    Your poor son!!! I will pray for his healing!