Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Whoever said it had to be easy?

Yea, right - that must be some kind of urban legend ? And then, you have to factor in that human beings are always on different learning curves. Some of us know more and some of use know less-then some are consumed
with the passion for being creative and some are couch potatoes? We are just all human beings plodding along on this adventure together.And for me - it seems that I ALWAYS take the hard road. Everyone says that we usually remember the harder lessons better?That remains to be seen! :)

While I was pondering the mysteries of life , I thought I heard the break of thunder so I went out on the porch to "see-what-I-Could -see?" Hummm? First I look this way??????????????

And then I look that way?????? But what do my bewildered eyes see??

Yes, I found my thunder and it had company! LOL So now maybe I can get back to some of my More important events.

I had finished with prewashing all that lovely knit and pulled it out of the dryer onto my bed. Then I would pull out one of the pieces that I had precut and bring it in the sewing room and iron it , hoping to prevent any unwanted wrinkle that could lead me into never-never land.

While I was in the process of doing this I decide that I should test out that embroidery machine to see If it feels like playing well with me??? So, the answer is NO! It did lead me down the yellow brick road on the first design that I tested. It did complete the design but it had very loose floopy stitches-hum? this was a new experience to me . I know it is just trying to pull the threads over  my eyes.

So, I move onto the second design and Yep! that is where she shows her true colors. It sounds like an old timey wash machine and it creates the biggest thread nests I have ever seen -under the design - that was how I knew it was trying to catch me off guard . But I was sitting right here beside it and still it created that mess before I could ever say , "jack rabbit"! So, I'm miffed - and I get on the puter and check to see how about another Brother Dealer -But not the ONE that I went to last year! I am wondering IF  I would have any luck with a different one ??? The closest one to me is in another state  and it is a two hour drive. Well, that sounds better to me than the three hour drive lasts year!

So, I go back to the knits and think well, I can always cut out the  shirts and get them ready. So, I am being VERY careful this time.As I cut out each one I am putting it in a baggy with the name on it ! Not going to make the same mistake as I did last year! Live and learn and try to hang onto it. LOL

Well I did get three shirts all cut out and labeled so far. I am pooped , attempting to figure out these details of life is just so challenging for me.

I have got to go fix supper and I will have to go save my fabric that is under cover on my bed where I was hopefully protecting it from critter hairs.

Love to all and have a great adventure!


  1. Well done on getting so much done with that fabric.
    I am sooooo glad Teddy and Coco have non-shedding hair! Except when you have to pay masses of $'s to get them clipped by the groomer, which is happening RIGHT NOW. lol

  2. Hi Linda,
    I think that is a huge roll of fabric...and heavy because it is knit. You are very good at figuring things out to do when you have a problem. That means you are a good problem solver!

    That rain will probably cause the grass to really grow now. :) Hubby's problem though I'm sure.

    I haven't sewn in two days! Sad state of affairs. I have done some embroidery work though. Got two small pictures done.

    You mentioned you lost two little animals due to the heat. Well, today my daughter lost a little chipmunk and her pet rabbit Bella. The chipmunk died in the pool and the rabbit was killed by a dog. I'm so sad for them. Bella was my favorite also.

    Can't wait to see the shirts you have cut out!