Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday flying by

Hello Dear Blog Family,
I hope each of you has had a wonderful day . If my days go any faster then I would not even have enough time to put my clothes on and then turn around to take them off again. Imagine - I would not have enough time to even wash those clothes or do any chores. I thought the older you get that you are suppose to be able to slow down some-but it seems to be the opposite''!

I did manage to get some good sleep last night and that was such a blessing. I was so tired that I thought I would just fall over. In my mind's eye this morning I was making plans in my head for the day , since I thought we would not have any running to do.Wrong. DH had plans that he needed to go to the social security office and that is an hour drive . O Man - I Hate road trips these days. I hate that dumb wreck that caused that problem for me. If only we could "wish away" bad experiences that would be so nice. :) But I know that we have to tackle these lessons along the way.

So we got ready and headed out for our hour drive. I love summer but on this ride it was very sad to see the once beautiful green fields now burnt up with heat and the brown earth and dead grass. We remarked how it seems that only the stick weeds are surviving and even they looked very wilted.

When we arrived  we learned that they had moved so we had to follow directions to the new office. It was so nice and clean looking. I thought it was strange that they had only been open for almost 2 weeks and already the bath room was out of order? That is something that you notice as you age , just in case you need it.We were really lucky to be seen so quickly  and on our way - back to home - if I had wings I would fly just like that saying "as the crow flies"! Yep , that would be me .:)

But no, our youngest son called us and wanted us to drop by because they had bought us a pack of fish that Neither of us had ever heard of. So, we dropped off to pick that up and say Hi! Our lovely daughter-in-law is now into her 5th month of pregnancy and is starting to show. She is so lovely with her black hair and sweet personality. . Emmett is still on his crutches trying hard to follow his doctor's orders to try to move around more. It sure does hurt to see any of your babies hurt-I tell them that they can get old and gray but they will always be my babies.

They have a family of pitt bull doggies and they really do good by them. My favorite one is named Elecsus and she is so sweet. She did come from a abusive home and when DH went over to the baby gate to pet her -she stood on her back feet -but accidentally scratched his arm . He said something in a loud voice to her-and she just dropped to the ground -huddling on the ground so pitifully, trembling. It really broke my heart . He asked our son why did she do that and they told him about her being beaten before they got her.

Meagan told us that Elecsus would sing to you. So she was peeking through the baby gate and they asked her to sing and it really did sound like a little song. She is such a sweet heart and I have no compassion for people who are abusive to animals. To me they have just come to earth to show pure love . You know - you can tell them all of your secrets and they do not tell anyone about them. They are always glad to see you . How much better than that can it be? Plus, it always upsets me to see dogs tied out . So many bad things can happen to them  like that  and they usually need water and food and shelter. But one little dog all by itself? They are pack animals by nature and they are like us wanting to be sociable. We need others in our life and so do they.

We did come home and fix the new fish that they had bought for us.Swai is the name of them and I looked it up and they are an Asian catfish. We wanted to broil them since our grill got ripped off of the porch last year in a storm -so it is dead. They did say that these are for folks looking for a cheaper dish that is still good for you. There were several recipes to pick from and I kinda picked parts of all of them to come up with a way to fix them. They said to coat them with mayonnaise and lemon juice . I added some onion powder . After they had cooked for the first 5 minutes I pulled them out and flipped them and this time I added some olive oil and salt and pepper and a little lemon pepper and put them back in for 6 minutes. When I pulled them out they were perfect and we had some jasmine rice and fresh green beans. They were really good.

By then it was time to go out and do outdoor chores and settle everyone down for the night. The chickens are so funny. They are Araconna- sorry can't spell tonight- but they are called the Easter Egg chickens because they lay blue and green and pink colored eggs. I still have so much kid in me so I get to go see which color it will be today. There are several of them attempting to sit. I get so tickled at them as they pull the little eggs up under them and then settle them all in place as they sit down. Some of them are sitting in the nest boxs and they make me think of little old ladies with their girdles on. I peek in the door and they all fuss at me for intruding on their privacy. As they fuss at me sometimes they attempt to peek me into obedience and I always get SO tickled and I will pet them a few times and that makes them mad - so I really fussey - mess them  up. They are so mad by then and I am so happy as I laugh and they fuss. They are so pretty in all their different colors and some of them have the cutest little beards .

I love them dearly and I hate it when I have to fight the lice or mites that come to suck their blood. Seems that there is Always something to hurt a chicken. If that was not bad enough - there is always something that wants to eat them- from racoon's all the way up the food chain to us humans. -

I also have 5 silkies - they are so sweet too. Instead of feathers they are covered in something that looks like hair , so they are so soft. Last year I thought I was being smart because I took a metal  dog run and put it out in the yard with the softest green grass for them with water for them.They were under the shade trees and the cage was covered on top . We had to run to town for something and as we pulled into the driveway I was looking for the silkies. My heart just dropped and I asked DH If he was seeing what I was seeing? So, he looked and say yes- there was a great big chicken Hawk and it had reached through the metal bars and since he was a bird too -they did not have any fear of him. So, he had latched onto one of them and was eating her from outside. I know my heart broke and hit the ground . DH asked IF I wanted him to kill it and I said No, I knew that the hawks have to eat too-it was my fault for leaving them there. Needless to say I have those four left and they are in a building. !

Thanks for visiting with me  - there is still sewing in my future. If I could ever stay home that is. I even have that big ball of knit that I have washed. I pull it out of the dryer and put it on my bed Under the sheet - trying to protect it from my furbabies. Then at night I take it from my bed -Back to the dryer for protection. I did not realize when the embroidery machine checked into the machine hospital that life would really do its best to side -track me. When I walk into the sewing room and see that big empty space - I know that a member of my sewing army is missing . But I am having faith that this time it will come home much different. This young man who looked at it seemed Very Accomplished in his machine knowledge. I sure wish I was!
Love to all.  

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  1. I have a very health fear of pitt bulls! They had a dreadful reputation here for being vicious and menacing. They are supposed to be all nuetered here...

    I would love to see a photo of your chickens AND their pretty eggs! I had chickens once.. 30 years ago! I loved them too.