Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a beautiful Tuesday!

What a beautiful day. I went outdoors and did all my morning chores and visited with all my animals. Then in to feed DH , he ate oatmeal and I ate cantaloupe with some whole wheat biscuits and we were both happy. We had been enjoying fried green tomatoes this past week, but we are out temporarily.

I came in the sewing room -kinda dreading facing a pair of slacks that had whipped me last night.That was the FIRST time for me - of cutting out all the pieces  and sewing them together RIGHT! I was ecstatic . I was heading down the home-stretch  just knowing I was going to complete this project and enjoy it.

I was working on put the waist- band around and thought I had it finished until I shook it all out?????
Where I had started at the beginning and got about half way around - I had run out of bobbin thread?
So, I just put it up and let it claim the victory that time-but today is a new day and I pulled it out and 
started again. I started by pinning the band AGAIN! 

I was ready to Saddle -up when I heard the most gosh awful noise and I went to the door to look out.

This was what I saw! Talk about ferocious! I could barely hand onto the door long enough to take 
the picture.

 I checked on the right side of the porch and you can barely see the muddy water running down 
in front of DH's shop.That was a LOT of rain and they are calling for more?

This is my little cucumber patch and it looks so much better now that it had a bath. It has been 
giving me one cucumber a day . There to the left side is a pot of watermelons that I am 
hoping over! LOL

This is my pot of nasturtiums and rose moss. I love the moss just because it is so beautiful and I love the 
nasturtiums because of their sweet blooms and because you can put them in salads . They taste a lot like black pepper.

After all the commotion of the thunder and lightening and winds I came by in to catch up on the blog 
and the electricity went off! Grr! I started again and the electricity went off. Same thing Again and it went 
off AGAIN! After two more times - I gave up and said what can I do that does not require
electricity and I thought of the slacks in the drawer. 

So, I got them out and started pinning them AGAIN. But, it did not seem quiet as bad as i thought
it would be -because I only had Half of them to pin. LOL I am hoping this will work as a set  -wear 
these with the yellow shirt with the little doggie and I put a doggie at the end of the legs to hopefully
tie them together. :)

 Remember a couple of months ago when I had that dumb infected tooth??? Well, it is back to 
torment me again. This time on the opposite side. I really HATE bad teeth and I really HATE not having
the money to just go get it fixed! I put a clove of garlic on it last night and it set me on fire and also my
lips! Whew -but it  helped ease the pain. Maybe because the fire in my mouth caught my tooth off 
guard ????? You  know - kinda like letting a car run over your toe -might have the same effect??? :)

Thank you so much for visiting with me and hope you have had a perfect day! :)


  1. Lovely photos of the rain.
    Oh I know about the power going off all the time. Annoying!
    Hope your tooth is better soon.

  2. Hi Linda...
    I was answering your email when I thought I'd check your blog out to see if your embroidery machine was working. I love the Bow Wow and dog on the pants! So cute. If I saw you wearing that out at a store I'd have to comment it is cute!

    I'll answer your email here. My gout that I have is a form of arthritis, and it is affecting a couple of my fingers but am glad to say it is not on the hand I sew with or thread a needle with. :)

    Yes, I think we agree about church. What a good job you did with your children you taught! I'm sure they still remember you and have many blessed memories of being at church with you. When I go to church I try to find someone that looks like they might like to chat or be encouraged. There is an elderly woman there that has been going to this church for years, and she is very quiet, but has looked unhappy. I talked with her and found out she has been suffering from vertigo, and even has collapsed on the floor. Scared her husband. I also try to talk with the teenagers and ask them lots of questions. I always try to steer the conversation to Jesus and encourage them in Scriptures or in their interest in the LORD. I do get discouraged because the actual church elders don't seem very available to us 'ordinary' people. Sometimes I think they are afraid to talk. LOL

    That storm sounded frightning! I hate when the electric is out!!! Especially the air conditioning.

    I'm back on my blog. I'm also sewing Tote-bags for sale to help with our no-income. Still pray for my hubby to find a job!