Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday was hot

It was so hot here today and it was amazing to watch the temperature just continue to rise throughout the day.
I got lucky and managed to get all of my outdoor chores fairly early-just kinda kept an eye out to make sure all the animals had plenty of water, but some of the animals were unhappy. Our building where we house the doves and pigeons and parakeets and cockatiels  was so hot. I had all the doors open and the one fan running and it was still rough.I wish I had another fan .

DH fixed us fried green tomatoes and eggs for breakfast.I was so grateful and while he did that I straightened up in the house and ran the vacuum cleaner and went on the front porch and watered all the plants, including my beautiful big pot that is so full of the cucumbers plants . I discovered that white flies are trying to take over the cucumbers and I really do not want them too. I went back at dusk and took the water hose to the backs of the leaves were the boogers were enjoying their supper. I kept wishing I knew where the spray bottle was at that I used last year to kill the squash bugs and saved some of my squash plants. I saw I have two big cucumbers on the porch and I need to figure out what to do with them tomorrow.

Tomorrow is suppose to be hot again. They announced on the tv that it would be 112 in Richmond tomorrow and Richmond is where my DH was taken to back in 72 when he was caught in an explosion at this workplace -as they had the only burn center in the state at that time. It was also the first time that I  had ever been further than 30 miles away from our home. He was in the hospital for four long months and I stayed the whole time. That summer they had those kind of temperatures and I thought I would croak. I found an empty spot in a nurse's dorm and it did not have air conditioning . I would get up and go stand in the shower to get wet and then lay back down at night -just trying to survive.Then with all the concrete and the massive buildings -it was like a pressure cooker - so my heart goes out to anybody that is forced to survive these kind of temperatures.

I forgot to call my older son today to check to see how he is because he runs heavy equipment and I am worried about him. I have wanted to make him some of those bands that have the beads in them that swell when you put them in water and they wear them around their necks to help ease the heat. I just have not been able to come up with the money to buy them? Darn Money!

Then I had an awful time today coming up with a supper. Everything that I wanted to fix - of course I did not have the ingredients. But , finally as I was combing thru recipes  I ran across a sweet and sour recipe that I had saved. It called for tofu and I had a pack in the freezer that I had caught on sale!  After I got it all together it was really good - probably the best sweet and sour recipe that I have ever had luck with .I had hoped that I would sew today , but spent most of the day just attempting to keep my head above the waters of life.At least we got us fed.

I was still pondering about making the night shirt for my friend's daughter who is in her last year of college? I even attempted to call her , but got no answer on her home phone and I Hate to call her cell phone because she uses it for work.

Then I got to talk to another dear friend that I had not spoke to in MONTHS. We used to get together and can and make things  and just hang out . I have missed her a lot. It was nice to know that she is still kicking. She is one of those gals who has worked so hard all of her life. Her husband had told her when they first got married that IF she wanted anything in this life then she was going to have to work for it , because he was not going to give it to her. (a real gem:) (NOT!)

I really hate to get this unsettled feeling when I am having trouble sorting through projects and attempting to think which one will be next????? I was attempting to use fabric out of my stash, but it is getting a mixture of left overs . I have one box that has some grey knit in it that I had caught on sale for 1.97 a yard. I am beginning to think I might have to pop that in the wash and get it prewashed and see if it shrinks?

Decisions, decisions, decisions???? I should do a test sew of a pattern to see IF that dumb machine is going to make a miss. That might be the first thing to do because with no machine that works then I cannot accessorize my creations and I just cannot have that. When I feel in love with the machine embroidery - I fell hard. I believe it is like a marriage - to death do us part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Well, thanks to you guys for letting me think it out - I think those two jobs would help ease me along and figure out what path to take next. So, Thank You so very much! :)

I hope you all have had a wonderful day and made many good memories.
Bye for now


  1. I can't imagine is so cool here. I can se how busy you are. Try to stay cool!

  2. I am glad when it is summer... but maybe not if I lived where you do! Our climate is very temperate.. never too hot or cold really... we here in Auckland anyway!