Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another battle won with this Brother! :)

OK, what a day ! Miss Rosie has even tried to urge me to LEAVE the sewing room -so she can have some peace and quiet!

That dumb Brother PE-700ii embroidery machine has driven ME TOTALLY nuts! I was already kinda over the edge , but with days like these ????? I had started on a shirt and the design came from Embroidery Library. It was a dog for someone in the family and it pulled every trick in the book. It broke threads -the threads got hung on its path - it screamed at me that a safety device had been enacted???? I was ready to pull my hair . I had to keep taking it apart to get those thread nests unhung and then I tore it down and took the vacuum cleaner to it . Then when I got it to move a little at a time I started deleting steps so that I was hoping to salvage this project.:(

To save some of my sanity I decided to torment Miss Rosie and she was not too impressed. I tied a piece of scrap cloth around her and she got so mad at me and she just fell over in disgust! LOL

Just when I was about to give up the idea of any more torment -she rolled over acting all innocent and when I went to go by her - Yea! she stuck those "DAGGERS" that she has in my behind! So, I decided she had won the war for today.

So, I stepped outside to get some fresh air and all of a sudden I smelled one of the sweetest aroma's that had ever captured my senses. I looked up and I looked down and all around . Next I relied on my nose to lead me to this intoxicating scent and this was what I found.

It was one of my Asiatic lilies and I wish you could smell this beautiful creation! I mean the fragrence a good 10 feet away.

But this is one flower that you will definitely not have to stick your nose in the flower! I wish I had them all around the house! I would be drunk with intoxicating odors! LOL


  1. Hi Linda,
    Sorry you had such a rough day with the sewing machine. You must have some type of understanding of it because I would have thrown it out the window. I'm a very simple person that can't take complications. So I applaud you for your patience. Your cat is sweet!

  2. Poor thing , I had that machine plays more nicely for you now and the cat too !