Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Doggie Battle

Some projects are such a battle that you wonder if you are going to win the war? This one was that way for me-Anything that a embroidery machine could do to cause misery - this one did that  and it lasted all day until the two of us called it draw: it was still in one piece and I kinda had my project in one piece. So, we both came out winners! :) This design was from Embroidery Library and the only way I could get it to come out at all was to delete several of the layers of stitches that were suppose to be built up to show shades and highlights. But, for the machine -it was a nightmare. Every dirty trick in the book was the game that my BrotherPE-700II played on me . So, it was with great relief that we both compromised and this was the result.

We have had beautiful weather on this first day of the week. We also had a storm go around us and I was glad it did because from the thunder you would have thought there was a  monster coming through! I am so grateful that I have another gift completed. It seems like I do a lot of sewing, but my projects are still far away from being completed and it is now only 5 months until the big day!

We now have a entire fresh slate to write our adventures on this coming week. A whole brand new week - What will you write? :)


  1. I love your t-shirt! Enjoy your weather!

  2. Bummer about the design being a bugger! Looks great now though.