Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thursday evening coming down :)

HELLO Blog Family,

I hope all of you are enjoying good health and a blessed day.

DH and I have spent the entire day running errands. We had to make one trip to Roanoke , VA. and that took all of the morning . I was slick(I think??) I had gone online yesterday and found a new Brother Dealer -definitely not the one in our own state this time! I found one listed in N.C. that sounded nice. Probably because I just love the state of N.C. and its people. They always seem nice and very helpful to me.  When we used to have a little money we would pack up and go to the flea markets there and have so much fun. I used to tease DH that my heart was in N.C. and I wanted my money to go there too! LOL

So, when we got out of our appointment around noon we took off to N.C. It was a two and a half hour drive , which is still better than the dealer in VA. last year that was a three hour drive and If it had gotten fixed then - we would not half to be making the trip today.

I told them that there was something wrong with it when I got it  and after a couple of months attempting to compensate -thinking it was just me-that I gave up and took it to a VA. dealer , thinking that a dealer should be more knowable . I told them that the other dealer had it from August to December and how upset I was because I could not fix my Christmas presents. That is hard - when you have a dream. I gave her our information and a young man came out and checked it out. He said that it was in time -but he saw the big mess. He happened to run across the sticker that the other dealer had put on it that I had not seen. He kind of chuckled and said that they had several customers from that dealer.

They said that it would be fixed within two weeks. I want to get my hopes up -but I am afraid to after last years experience. So, I will just wait and see and not get my hopes up so I won't be so disappointed. Makes me think of Chris at DietCokeRocks when her machine had to go in the shop and you wait and wait and worry and not get good results. I wish I had a young brain so I could go to school and do it myself.

Boy, it was warm down there . The temperature on the banks said 96degrees - so we were plenty warm. Thank Goodness for air condition! Whoever invented that was a very smart person and I would love to hug their neck.

I noticed when we pulled in that they had a Babyloc sign out front and I had been secretly hoping that one of these days I might get one of those magic machines as they have the threader that uses AIR!  So, I asked them if they carried them . She said that he had discontinued them  and he checked and he had even sold the two used ones they had. I am just curious why they are not going to carry them??? Wonder if  they found defects in their performance????? 

WEll, I think I will just take my car-sick body and call it a night as soon as I can finish up my chores. We have to be up early in the morning to pick up DH's sister and hubby at the local car dealer where they are getting their car transmission worked on.  So, love to one and all and hope you have had a wonderful day!

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