Sunday, July 25, 2010

A lesson to ponder

After being stuck on making that night shirt for my friend and not being able to reach Mom on the phone , I was afraid to go ahead and make it. I just did not want to waste my effort until I find out if that is something she would love . I will have to do some investigation. LOL

SOOOOO, I decided to open my shipment of fabric that I had ordered months ago. Matter of fact SO long ago that I could not use the discount coupon that had come with my order-Darn! :)

So, I rolled some of it out on the cutting table . Yes, I LOVE the fabric - a nice soft jersey knit that will work so great for all of my family. We all love grey knits. But, my dilemma was that I First need to wash it to make sure it will not shrink after I make the projects??? But How? I knew I could not take it off the roll and stick it all in the washer because there is no way in the world that I could handle that amount of fabric- I know this because I had an awful time just pulling four yards out and sticking them in the dryer?????

That points me to the thought of cutting sections off , like about a yard and a halt -and that way I could maneuver  them much better.?:) So, that takes me back to the time that I had cut off enough for some projects and the fabric shrank up too much to have for the size project I was working on???? I managed to save my hide because I have other younger sizes to make for and that was what I did.

So, this time , I decided that I would cut the sections big enough for the larger sizes  - and that way after I wash and dry them -IF they are too small - I will cut the smaller projects out of them . Then I left Half of the roll in one long section and I am planning that I could use the long one for the large projects and use the precut sections for the smaller projects???? (Sound complicated?) LOL

I was using my "handi-dandi" tool to cut the sections and that makes it soooo much easier and saves those expensive rotary blades!Now that I have them cut in sections I carry them off to the wash machine and come back to see what else I can get in trouble with???

This is the clock that hangs over the cutting table and I REALLY LOVE it - when it runs???? The trouble is that it EATS battery like I do brownies when I am around them! Very bad for the clock and for me. !  One if the features that it has is those nice big numbers show up really good And they also glow at night! How cool is that????

But many years ago , about 18 - my almost son-in-law gave me a clock that he had and I loved it too. It hung in the living room all these years UNTIL last year my oldest son made me a wall clock for Christmas! I mean how many of us  humans get to have a clock that our children make for us! So the older clock got demounted
to the kitchen. I knew it would take some getting use to -trying to teach myself to just "look-up" and I was always forgetting!

Finally one day I remembered and then noticed the clock was not running ??? Why not ??/ Well shoot - someone had unplugged it????

So, I got the wild idea that I should just retire the battery eating monster and put my beloved clock in the sewing room so I would have a clock that runs and also get to admire my "antiquey"  clock. I had to get the stool to climb up on the cutting table -which decided to do the hoochy -choochy with my hundred and eighty pounds . It is just a simple piece of thin plywood and it really thought I had lost my mind. But I Had to get up there to see how to put the clock on the screw. It took me a while to pull that off and by then the sweat was pouring off of me - mainly from FEAR~I really did not want to go bouncing around like a rubber ball! I Hate pain too much for that! So, I finally arrived back on the ground in one large piece and stood to admire my handiwork!

Now that I had it UP there I happened to remember that it also has a light inside -but I was no where near pressing my luck to crawl back up there and take it down to open the panels to see if there was even a light bulb in there! LOL I decided to just admire it like it is for a long while. I was surprised to see that it had a date of manufacture on it -August of 75! I still think that is just too cool! LOL

Then I picked up the other clock and tried to stick it up on the top shelf of the closet , but it would not fit and i almost lost my grip on it . Now that would have broke my heart because I REALLY do like that clock . Maybe one of these days I will inherit a battery factory and then I would be able to operate it! LOL

By now I hear the wash machine slow to a halt and I am thinking how It is almost time for me to have my fabric now finished and I can carry forward with my battle plan! YEA! I now transfer all of it over to the dryer and go back to get all my "army of creative machinery" ready for the tasks that lay ahead of them -when I hear a car in the driveway???

YEP, there goes the evening of sewing . I did sneak off while everyone was taking a cigarette break and take the animals fresh water and lock the chickens up so Mr. Raccoon could not have any chicken dinner. As I was changing the water on the guinea pigs I noticed that two were dead -just from the heat. They all pile together and with the heat as bad as it was -it was just too much -even though I had a big fan on them. I really hate to lose any . It is not suppose to be quiet so hot this next week , instead of 95 -down to 85 ?? I hope that is right and that it will help with the heat .

I hope each has had the gift of a precious day and may we write the chapters of our life on them.

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  1. I love your clocks! Both of them are lovely.
    Freaking batteries, they don't make them to last now.. whoever make them is laughing all the way to the bank with our money! Jerks.

    As for your fabric, you should cut off a small sample, measure it then wash and dry it and re-measure it to see how much it has shrunk. Then you can cut more off knowing how much it is going to shrink. Simple eh?