Thursday, July 22, 2010

My , how Thursdays get away!

Sorry, no pictures or anything pretty to look at . My day just got away from me because we left early this morning for DH to go to the hospital for a bone scan. They had a terrible time finding a vein for them to insert the   radioactive dye . He Hates needles so much and he is a very difficult patient to work with. :) They told us to come back in 2 1/2 hours and by the time we got home and he worked on a flat tire on his truck and I did laundry and what ever else got in my way and then we were off again.

You know how it is in hospitals - hurry up and wait! So, I took some reading material with me. After his treatment finished we walked down to the cafeteria and he got a serving of spaghetti. Something in there smelled so bad that it almost took my breath so I just got a little half pint of milk and a piece of cake.

By the time we returned home and he went to work on that flat tire again - it was pretty miserable because he had to throw what I always call a "Doug-Fit"  and there was about 3 of them. I tried to just keep occupied . I had a recipe one time that had to do with couscous and some veggies and of course I cannot find it. I looked high and low and was so disappointed. I had saved that thing for years and now I cannot lay my hands on it???

I have been thinking of my next sewing project -maybe for one of my friends -daughter. I think I had figured out the size and I thought maybe a night shirt? Then I could not decide IF she even wore them  and while I was mulling that over I just got stumped???? I am still "stumped".

So tomorrow we have to go to the mill and we have to take DH's  bone scan to his doctor which is on our way to the mill. We hope to do that early in the morning when it will be the coolest -as his truck does not have any air except for the one that blows through the windowssssss!

I hope you all have had a lovely day full of new adventures.

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  1. Your DH's condition sounds serious. I know that must be a hard thing for both you to have to go through. I am always amazed at how you make other people clothes! I can't make myself clothes and yet you can size up for others.
    That is a wonderful gift.
    I just throw away a huge pile of recipes from my own pile and my mom's pile of recipes. I seem to just cook the same things I'm familiar with. There are a few recipes that I would need to follow and they were probably among them. You can look up about any recipe on the internet. Try finding your lost recipe that way. It might be slightly different but still good. :) I NEED air conditioning!!! Just got mind fixed in my car because I still had a service contract on the car.