Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

     In a brief time span all of our lives will change in the blink of an eye. We are closing a chapter and going to open a New chapter on  our lifetime.We come in all sizes , shapes and colors from all parts of the world-but I believe that we all share a common bond and that is the bond of love. Love for our families and  friends and pets and for this beautiful world that we live in. It is from these loves that we pull from for inspiration and sometimes for strength to try again another day.
     One of my magical experiences  in 2009 was to start a blog. I did not ever really know what a blog was back  in the summer. For me - blogs are imaginary houses in which so many remarkable people live in and share their life experiences with us. Their door is open to us anytime we need them , whether it be with moral support or just the gift of allowing another person into our hearts.
    I do remember when I started my first steps - a beautiful , talented lady reached out her hand and offered me the gift of friendship by introducing me to the land of blog - wherein reside friends that I am yet to meet. You can meet each individual & learn about our human life experiences. I would like to than Mickie from Irish Muses for extending her kindness by helping me come on board . By her gift I have been able to meet so many wonderful people  that I am so grateful to.
     I really like what one gal said - she said she Wished that each person could have a passion about something that they love to make them want to hop out of bed each day. I do believe that is a gift as I believe each of my blog friends are a special gift also that  no amount of money could ever buy. It is a gift that comes from our hearts and reaches out to touch another's heart.
     Happy New Year -everyone and may this be the best year yet for all of us. Look for good and you will find it.
Hugs , Linda - the sewing granny

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  1. Linda ~ I love following Micki's blog. She always has such inspirational messages to share with her friends.

    It looks as though you've been busy sewing for your family and friends. I'm sorry to hear about your difficulty in sewing the laptop sleeves. Some fabrics really require a larger seam allowance as well as special seam finishes. I hope you're able to salvage your gifts.

    Here's to a wonderful New Year filled with family, friends, and lots of sewing time!