Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Laptop sleeve

I thought I had a good idea. I would make laptop sleeves for two of my family members. My first mistake was I did not imagine how many different sizes of laptops there are out there???? Why in the world does there have to be so many different sizes???My next decision was to check out the different sizes and go with what ever is the most popular laptop.  Then I decided I would use a piece of  nice vinyl that has some nice insulation on the inside of it -to help protect it.  

Next I embroidered a cut design to check out and see how it was to embroider on. I liked my result and I took the final steps very carefully -seriously hoping that I would not have mistakes.  All was looking very promising UNTIL:

A friend had given me a small piece of the yellow fabric and it was nice and slick and I thought that would help make it easier for the laptop to slide down into? Well, it would have EXCEPT for the fact that when I pulled it open to make sure I did not miss any of my seams and the yellow fabric just feel right apart ANYWHERE there was any little stress on it! 

Another lesson learned.

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