Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where In the World Did I Leave My Brain????

 I just cannot imagine what in the world I was thinking 5 weeks back when I thought I would get my machine back at 3 weeks -so I plunged ahead and cut out some projects to save time. But now that I am sorting through the pieces - It has been a nightmare. I put some of the pieces together to figure out it was a Butterick pattern for men's  long sleeve knit  shirts.

  I discovered  that I had cut out size medium and size Large?? The large is much too large for my family of men-folks. So, I took the medium size for my tall , broad shouldered son  and then I took the size large and laid it out and I am adjusting it by cutting the size small out of it for my DH????? I just cannot figure out what I was thinking ??? I do not know IF it was the stress of being depressed without my machine OR If I can blame it on my fibromyalgia brain fog ???? It leaves me feeling like I am in outter space somewhere  ??? And I hate that feeling!

One of the best tips that Lynne shared with me when it comes to working with neckbands  &  sleeve-bands was to sew your band seams together and then zigzag the seam edges together so when you apply them to the neck or the wrist - you don't lose one of those edges - like I always did before she shared this with me. I do not know why I cannot keep up with all the pieces but I cannot hold them all together - But when I zigzag the two pieces together first - then I can hold everything nice and even and saves me from making the same old mistake again!!!!!!!!!!


I do believe that I am making progress Even if I have a snoopy Dh who can "smell" Christmas out and he keeps popping in the sewing room about every 15 minutes. No wonder I get confused as to what I am doing.  As you can see I have sewing 3 of the major parts of 3 shirts so far. I did this to see how many of the parts I really had cut out? I have one more of the brown camo -size large - to cut down to a size small? It is already 3;30 am and I am pooped and starting to make more mistakes than normal - so I am giving it up to go to bed. It is pouring down rain and DH got up to check on the woodstove  and now he is watching TV???  I am about dead and he is wide awake???? There is something wrong with our time schedules??? He even came in the sewing room while I was hiding things and said I had to give him a haircut! I asked him if he wanted it now?????????????~smile! 

Many happy stitches to all of the little elves  out there!

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  1. WHAT on earth are you doing up at 3.30am!!!!! YOu are mad woman.
    Happy sewing.