Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another day bites the dust!

It never ceases to amaze me how fast time flys by. I no sooner drag out of bed and hop on chores , inside and outside -fix our breakfast - clean up my mess - make plans what to feed hubby for lunch and carry through - then run the vaccumn cleaner and do laundry - help hubby with what ever he is doing- until it is time for some kind of supper and clean ups and go outdoors and finish last round of chores and it is dark by then. By the time I clean the kitchen and fix hubby's coffee for in the morning  and by then I realize how the day is gone AGAIN!
 That does not include if you get caught on the phone and waylaid for a while and any other projects that you might dream up - or - if you have to go to town - then that day is gone . Sometimes it really bugs me that time flys through my fingers much like money does .
 I have put on two more rounds of the venison jerky and am getting ready to pull this last round and put them in that food saver that I borrowed from my daughter-in-law. It sucks all the air out and makes them keep much longer. I have also learned to wrap the sticks in a wax paper and then insert that in the plastic bag because it keeps them from poking holes in the bag.
  I did call about my embroidery machine this morning because this makes 8 weeks it has been in the shop. I am losing my mind seeing my Christmas go down the drain.I did speak to the owner and he said the same thing he had two weeks ago - by the end of the week! I can almost hear the needles of "others" fly by and accomplishing many goals~ So I am sending all good wishes that all of your projects are accomplished and that none of you end up in the "sewing machine shop".
Many happy stitches to one and all


  1. Chick, send me your email address so I can add you to me list! stewandchris@hotmail.com

  2. Go kill that sewing machine man! SERIOUSLY .. what the hell is he doing with it? Maybe he's lost it and doesn't want to tell you! Maybe he sold it! Maybe he sent it to New Zealand to be fixed.. on a bloody boat!