Friday, January 1, 2010

Second daughter-in-law loves Green

This fabric is a knit , but different from any I have ever worked with . It is a little heavier and it has a nice "strength" that I really like.The design does not show well, but it is a series of green hearts.

I had decided that the tee shirt pattern I was using was too long for the young lady , so I shortened it . I am glad that I did because she really liked it.

I really finished it and I should have ironed it! I used the lettuce edging all around. But the last shirt I did that too kinda unraveled   as time went on and I did not want that to happen to this one , so I ran two layers and that looks "neato - peachy"


  1. I am sur your DIL will love her shirt.I can't beleive how any shirts you make Linda. Do you have a large family ??